Monday, June 2, 2014

A cool experience...

This week i have no idea why but i would always ask my companion a question and within the next ten minutes we had the answer come to us... like for example on Tuesday night i received a text from President Ostler (after dancing around the room and showing everyone that i was important) I read it. He just wanted to meet with me and my companion on Wednesday morning after he did some baptismal interview for some of the missionaries in the area. Well on our way there i asked my companion "Do you think that President ever has to have someone sit in on his interviews and translate from English to Krio for him?" My companion replied "No the spirit just takes it to their heart." Good answer. But the answer is actually yes he does sometimes. And as we walked up he was trying to find someone to translate for the next interview and he asked the candidates missionaries who would be able to do it and they pointed at me..... and then i got that feeling that i used to get right before big games.... ya know the one that makes me throw up. I didn't throw up but i did get to translate and man that was a cool experience. I got to see how President does his interviews and that will definitely help me with my own. I'm very blessed for that opportunity because most missionaries don't get to see how the mission president does his baptismal interviews. Sweet experience and the meeting we had after was sweet. So also this week we were so busy that we only had 12 lessons by the end of Saturday night.... only one day left so what do we do? We go to work. Elder Tanner and i left church and just went straight into proselyting. We ended the day with 8 lessons taught... not the only thing either.. we had 5 FM's (Free Meals)............................... missionaries do not starve in africa.............................enough said.
-Elder Rogers

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