Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup‏

Hello everyone and welcome to the only sporting event that matters outside of America.... Football... with your foot. Not gonna lie everyone.... i wish i had tried it cuz its pretty sweet if you're good at it... and its not like we watch it because that's against the rules but this whole country revolves around football so everyone watches it... when electricity permits it. So almost every investigator we have is watching it when we go to visit them... yes its third world but they do have tv's. I'm missin sports right now.. and did you know that the USA is in the world cup? By the way we aren't the best at that but world cup is full of surprises so maybe we'll be able to beat Ghana tonight... if we do... i'm calling every Ghanaian that i've been in an apartment with. It'll be a huge win.. but i'm not here for that. This week was a very interesting week... it was so long. So much adjustment and so much change... but i am enjoying being back in the west. Today i went to Quick Takes and had a hamburger and fries... its been a long time since i've eatin that. We went to celebrate Elder Sumrak hitting his two year mark.. next week he'll fly home. So crazy. Well anyways transfer news is coming this week and also we have a baptism on Saturday. A father and son. They are some way sweet people but the mother isn't too supportive of it... but small small... she'll hopefully be joining them shortly. I love being in the West because i get to see all the people that i had left behind when i transfered to the East. I've seen so many people from when i was in my first area. Its so good to see them... its a bitter sweet thing serving a mission so far from home. You meet all these amazing people and you work with them and build a strong relationship with them and you just love em so much and then you're on your way home. But that's not gonna stop me from having a good time and meeting some sweet people. I wish you guys could see what i see for even just an hour... you'd see a very destroyed country with some of the sweetest people inside. I love this country and the lessons that it teaches me each day... some of them are very frustrating and hard to learn but when you do get someone who does embrace this gospel it makes everything worth it. I love Sierra Leone. I love my mission.
-Elder Rogers

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