Monday, June 29, 2015


Wassup!? This week went in slow motion but its already over. Not sure how that works but this week felt super slow.... Anyways this week we didn't do to many crazy things. We found some new people... some of them very interested and some of them very not interested. We taught quite a few lessons and we even had 3 investigators come to church which is close to the most that i've had since i've been in the states. We have one boy, TR, who comes every week. He's converted but is waiting for his mom to be converted before he joins the church. The two others that came to chruch this week is Erin Edwards and her mother Peggy Ramsey. We have been doing some family history with them and teaching them a little bit of the gospel on the side. They were once Christian but have no settled on being budhists (they're just confused by how many christian denominations there are) but they love to learn about religions and were very interested in coming to church so they came. Hopefully we'll be able to help them realize what they're getting themselves into! Saturday morning we got to go to a homeless shelter community and help as volunteers for a children's day there. The kids there were so sick! All these little 3-7 year old thugs runnin around and having a good time swimming and having water fights. That was fun and it was something different that we don't get to do all the time. 
Now for what i've studied this week. It's a branch of what i studied last week, which was excuses if you can't remember. I studied about complaints... only briefly though because its not that big of a topic but i heard a talk and it had some things in it about how to fight against complaints and take responsibility to change them. I'll explain the steps and then i'll give an example. The steps are: 1-Recognize the complaint, 2-identify what you want, 3-take responsibility to change it. Example: "This sacrament meeting is so boring." (we've all had that one before). So recognize that that is a complaint now identify what you want: I want to learn something and be uplifted from this meeting. Now take responsibility to make a change: I can take notes from what they are saying and that will help me come away with something. Also to go with this subject is an experience. A man once asked President Kimball, "What do you do when you find yourself in a boring sacrament meeting?" His reply was, "Well, I don't know. I've never been in one." President Kimball's response shows that we can ALWAYS get something out of sacrament meeting. The same goes in any situation where a complaint is used. They outcome can always be changed so this weeks invitation is to take this 3 step process and use it. Notice your complaints, identify what you want, and take responsibility to change the outcome! Have a great week!
-Elder Rogers

Surprise Happy Father's Day text to Ryan.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tally life is the best of the best!

Tally life is the best of the best! The Walmart here has 2 doors instead of just 1! I miss little ol Atmore but this place is pretty nice. I love being somewhere that i already have been. I don't know the area super well yet but i'm gettin there. Monday after we emailed we went to the mall.... because we can. No money so can't buy anything, can't really do anything there other than covet but it was fun. Tuesday we had district meeting in Tallahassee. 
Something i forgot to mention thus far is that Elder Riddle, the Elder that i was with in Atmore for my first 3 months there, lives right behind Elder Jorgensen and I. We live in a place known to missionaries in the FTM as "The Pound." Its a duplex with a 1 bed and bath/carport behind it. There's a set of missionaries in each side of the duplex and there's a set in "The Love Shack" (the 1 bed and bath carport). Elder Riddle and his 2 comps live in the Love Shack.... 3 dudes... 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. 
Anyways District meeting was good. We talked about repentance as missionaries which is always a subject we can improve on. Wednesday we did some service and i got to mow a lawn for the first time since i've been back in the States! I forgot how satisfying it is to mow a lawn. It has been so hot out here lately. The heat plus the humidity is so awful... i don't know how people can get used to that. And how they get used to gnats is a miracle... cuz those are the worst thing ever to exist.... they suck. I'm a dry atmosphere kinda guy for sure though.
Sunday was another great day at church! I like seeing the progression from the first week of church to the second week at church. Throughout the week you've met or discussed about different members so you know a lot more of them the second week and you start to feel like you're part of the ward and not just the new missionary in the ward.
For the past few months i've been studying here and there about excuses... excuses are so interesting... here's a quote that i found this week while studying... "When a man uses an excuse he attempts to convince both himself and others that unsatisfactory is somehow acceptable... no matter how good or how valid, the excuse will NEVER change lack of performance into performance."... its so crazy how we naturally use excuses but they never ever change the outcome of why we are using them. So this week i would encourage you to try and notice the excuses that you use... they most often come in the form of "i don't have time," or "i'm too busy." They come in the form of blaming someone or something else for the outcome. They also come in the form of taking your agency away... example "I can't read my scriptures because i have to exercise." What that means is that the exercise will not allow you to read your scriptures... which is not true. Just keep an eye out for it this week and try your best to notice and change it:) Its super awesome and it has so many blessings attached to it! 
-Elder Rogers