Monday, June 1, 2015

"Hi, I'm Elder Browning!"‏

Wassup wassup!? This week was freakin awesome! Elder Browning and I got to train the missionaries in our zone on Tuesday, which is really fun. We taught on how we need to earn the spirit (kind of what i sent in my email last week) and how we earn it is through willingly submitting to the Lord and following in obedience. It was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed preparing for it because i learned a ton on how i can improve personally! Well the rest of the week we did a lot of talkin and a lot of walkin and we actually taught a lot! We've been using the Plan of Salvation as our first approach and it works so well! Most people down here have heard of the Book of Mormon and it turns them off super fast when that's what we start off with so now we just come out and hit em with the "Hey we believe in 3 heavens" approach and that really throws people for a loop! We sat down and talked with one man named Miles "Bubba" Reed. He's a Baptist Deacon and he's on the Board of Trustees for the biggest baptist church in our area and so he's way up at the top but he invited us into his backyard (by the way.... he's freakin loaded... we were sittin in luxury) where we discussed the Baptists beliefs on Salvation and our own beliefs on salvation. Well what really got him thinkin was the question of "What happens to those who never get a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Baptists believe that those that don't hear are sent to hell....... which if you sit and ponder that you will get the feeling that everyone should . . .  IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.... especially when you believe in a God that loves all his children enough to send his only begotten son to die for them. Well he really thought about that and he took the plan of salvation pamphlet and committed to reading and praying about it and then he agreed that we could come back and visit with him next Saturday to discuss what he finds out about the subject. So pray that he is touched by the spirit! Sunday was so awesome.. Sunday night Elder Browning and I went with Brother Hall (one of our members) to get our worship on! That's right... we went to a Baptist Church! It was freaking crazy! Passin around the offering plate, Pastor Thompson screamin Luke 15 at everyone and commanding them to be more giving, and people shouting "Amen" and "Praise God" at every breath brake of the Pastor.... it was awesome! Sadly no one started speaking in tongues but it was still awesome and i got some more pamphlets to add to my Enemy Folder (final resting place for apostate literature). 
Now for the Missionary Highlight of the week! This weeks award goes to the infamous, Elder Browning.... who hasn't lost his greenie fire yet! Here's play by play. Elder Browning and i had to go to Saraland to interview someone for their baptism... she's a black woman. I had taught her on an exchange previously so i knew what she looked like... poor Elder Browning however did not. So we pull up to her apartment complex, we get out, and we start walking toward her building. She lives on the top floor... well as we draw nigh unto the building (<-see what i did there??:)) a black woman walks out from under the stairs (headed towards her car which is right behind us). Well Elder Browning, while fearing no man, walks straight up to her thinking its the person to be interviewed, shoves his hand up there, and says "Hi, I'm Elder Browning!" Great job! ..... if that had been the right person! But because it wasn't and she had NO idea what was going on.... she didn't say a word..... it was the gash durn funniest thing i er dih see this week!!!!! Oh man the look on both of their faces was PRICELESS!!! I felt like i was training a brand new missionary who wants everyone in the world to know their name and what they're doing! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Well if you were strong enough to endure all the reading i hope you enjoyed the story at the end! 
-Elder Rogers more story... this woman called because she wanted some service done so i told her we could do it and just before she hung up she says "In the name of Jesus i bless you." uhhhhh.... alright goodbye.... check that off my to do list.... so anyways.... i bless you all through my email. Your welcome. Have a great week!

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