Monday, October 27, 2014


Wassup wassup? Everything is goin grand over here in the bottom corner of the USA. It's cooling down and FSU is still winning games so the city is happy right now! This week was awesome. We went to Monticello again and it was a productive day out there as always. We celebrated Elder Troxel's birthday on Friday by going out to eat Sushi.... first time i've had it in over a year and boy was it good! 
This week was really awesome but the highlight was the weekend! I got to go see Rodson be baptized by Elder Dalley on Saturday... if you don't remember who Rodson is, he's the guy that walked in and watched "His Grace is Sufficient" and asked us afterward "How can i be converted?" So Saturday i got to go see it happen and during the baptism he ended up having to be baptized 3 times and after when he got up to bare his testimony he said "as you can see.... i had a lot of sins to get outta me" and of course everyone laughed. After that he bore his testimony and i wish that i could remember it to tell you what it was but i can't remember it but i sure can remember that feeling and let me tell you... i haven't heard such a strong testimony shared since conference. It's not that the other testimonies that i've heard were weak because they weren't... Rodson's was just super powerful! I was very happy and blessed to be a part of the teaching process for him. He asked me to confirm him the next day at church so ya know what that means??? A visit to the 5th ward!!!! So i got to go and confirm him which was so awesome and afterward i got to see all my peeps from the 5th ward and that was super sick! I really miss 5th ward but i gotta do work where i was sent! Love yall!
-Elder Rogers

Monday, October 20, 2014


This week was a lot better. Elder Reyes was not sick so we were able to go out and do some work!!! Friday we went to Monticello and we were there all day. Monticello is about 30 minutes away from Tallahassee but its just far enough that we can go to and fro easily so we go up there every Friday and it is a night and day difference from Tallahassee. Tallahassee is beautiful... and its still city-like. But if you drive even 5 minutes away from Tallahassee its a campers dream out there. This place is beautiful! My favorite road to drive down is called Mickosuckee Road... its a two lane road and it is completely canopied by trees... its freakin beautiful! And Monticello is full of those streets. We went out to see a member.. the Williams family. We went out and its in the boonies so we were expecting a trailor out in the middle of the forest somewhere... we were wrong. There was a dirt road called "Rainbows end road" and once you reach the end of that road you see their home... you have to drive past their pond first and their hunters area that they rent out to hunters every year so that they can get rid of all the deer in the area and then you reach their home and its a classic plantation home from looonnng ago and it is beautiful! If it wasn't so gosh dang humid down here i would consider moving down here! Brother Williams gave us a tour of his property which included showing us his 3 foot alligator in his pond. It was a great time. Well that's a little bit of something for you guys to read this week. Love you all!
-Elder Rogers


Monday, October 13, 2014

The family ward‏

Hey everyone this week was pretty eventless because one of my companions has been really sick so we have been inside the house for most of the day but it was still pretty fun! Tuesday was way fun! I got to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Smellie. He's from Preston Idaho and he's a way sick guy! We had tons of fun together and it would be a blast to serve with him somewhere down the road! Well Sunday church service is so different in a family ward than in a YSA ward! It is so LOUD! YSA's are so quite that you can hear everything but the family ward is way opposite! Anyways guys i really don't have to much to say and i think that's cuz i've been writing letters more now so i don't really have a ton to talk about on Monday's. I know when i get off that i'll remember something but i'll try to take more notes of my life this week so i can tell all the cool stories! Love you all! 
-Elder Rogers
p.s. i just saw tanner's facial hair on dropbox...... #jealous

oh ya and i'll start sending some weekly pictures to you guys.