Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014‏

This week i'm not gonna lie i don't have too much to tell about. Its the same old same old as every week. Teach lessons, extend baptismal dates, save the world, kill anything other than missionaries that comes inside the apartment.... nothing new. The rain has started coming down... every morning about 2 to 3 the rain pours!! And rain doesn't travel downward here... the wind that comes with the rain is so strong that rain travels from side to side... so before you go to sleep make sure all the windows are closed.... or you get to mop during your exercise time in the morning.... anyways i don't know what else to say.. Elder Tanner and i are doing great and having a blast. We increased our investigators pool by 7 this week and gave 4 of them baptismal dates... one of them being our very stubborn catholic investigator... the plan is to convert him and then use him to help teach his family. He's a sweet guy and i'll write more about him at a later time. Love you all! 
-Elder Rogers

Monday, May 19, 2014

And the stew fights back!!!!‏

Well i hope you all heard about my stew but if you didn't here's what happened.... So when we cook here you cook a weeks worth of stew and then you heat it up every night and morning so it doesn't spoil because we live in SaLone.... Light no dae in SaLone. So anyways we forgot to heat it up on that night and the following morning and when i opened the pot the following night... fuzzy white stuff all over the top... so what do i do? Too expensive to throw it away and make another.... so i spooned out the moldy fuzz and the top skin layer that was rotting and cooked it real fine and added some stuff to take away any possible after taste. Well it tasted just fine... but it didn't sit too well with me.... Tuesday was a day of sitting on the toilet and trying not to cry because of the heat of... you get the idea... So that started at about 3:00 in the morning and continued on into the whole day and stopped at about 1:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday.... what a crappy day (hahahah crappy... get it? hahah) Anyways it wasn't bad... well it was but at least i didn't go hungry. 
This week we had our second rejection of a baptismal interview.... nice to have a tough area once in awhile... it makes you grateful for the areas that you go into and they just accept you... but it is making me adjust myself and sincerely look for the hand of the Lord to guide us to those people that are ready. 
So rainy season is coming..... and boy do i already have some sweet, sweet stories for you.. but its a bummer because you wouldn't be able to understand if i typed them but i've written them in my journal and we'll be laughing hard next October, or November..... i have quite a few stories to tell. 
Anyways not too much to tell about this week. Elder Tanner and I are having too much fun together... i pray for another transfer with him already... by the way its kinda weird if i put our tags together and put his over mine to cover up the Elder part of mine it says this...... ELDER TANNER ROGERS. And in case you were wondering its torture because i'll often say "Tanner" instead of Elder Tanner..... just habit... anyways gotta run! Love you all!

Monday, May 12, 2014


So i have really nothing to say this week. It was so nice to be able to talk to all of you and even to have a family prayer from so far away! Great idea Annika! For those of you who don't know i'll be staying in American Corner as the District Leader and i'll be recieving Elder Tanner from Bo. He is from my MTC group so i already know him and am looking forward to spending at least 6 weeks with him! Love you all!
-Elder Rogers
ps... Annika elder bogh is in my zone again and i'll be able to go on an exchange with him.... ohhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaa;)

Monday, May 5, 2014

it's here!

Well everyone the second phone call is now here. Its so crazy how fast time goes. This transfer has been the fastest transfer i've had so far. Saturday we will receive transfer news and Sunday i'll be able to tell you all about it! So other than that.... this week wasn't the worst week. We found some way sweet families this week! Also we were teaching brother Garrinche and i was feeling like "okay time to be bold and give this man a baptismal date." He politely declined. Buuuutt we're still workin on him. 
Sunday was such an interesting trek to church... it rained almost the whole day and it was the worst Sunday morning.. just a down poor. New Road (the main highway) turns into a muddy river with cars driving through it when it rains boku! So here we are having to cross new road... so we find a way to cross the east bound lanes and we get to the median and start walking up to find another place of just road so that we can cross without getting wet... well in the process... a Pota Pota (taxi/van thing) comes flyin down the road and hits a part of the road where the water is pretty deep.... he's in the lane that is closest to us as well... oh ya... we sure got it. Brown water comes in a wave form through the air and hits all 8 of us missionaries... so we were all pretty brown but we still hadn't crossed.... at that point we all were thinking the same thing and Elder Arhinful spoke it for us "well elders... forget yourself and go to work". In we went. mid-ankle high mud water with garbage and stuff that i don't even know what to call so that you would understand what i'm trying to describe.... wet feet all day long but we made it on time to church!! Honestly... it was to much fun. 
So today is short because we are going to Bureh Beach again as a zone so i'm pretty excited for that. Rainy season is starting to come so its real nice and humid around here but at least its pretty cool temperature wise.... and the lightning and thunder here..... is louder than i've ever heard it.... SO SWEET!! Malloway!
-Elder Rogers
Happy cinco de mayo!! WOOHOO go mexicans!