Monday, May 5, 2014

it's here!

Well everyone the second phone call is now here. Its so crazy how fast time goes. This transfer has been the fastest transfer i've had so far. Saturday we will receive transfer news and Sunday i'll be able to tell you all about it! So other than that.... this week wasn't the worst week. We found some way sweet families this week! Also we were teaching brother Garrinche and i was feeling like "okay time to be bold and give this man a baptismal date." He politely declined. Buuuutt we're still workin on him. 
Sunday was such an interesting trek to church... it rained almost the whole day and it was the worst Sunday morning.. just a down poor. New Road (the main highway) turns into a muddy river with cars driving through it when it rains boku! So here we are having to cross new road... so we find a way to cross the east bound lanes and we get to the median and start walking up to find another place of just road so that we can cross without getting wet... well in the process... a Pota Pota (taxi/van thing) comes flyin down the road and hits a part of the road where the water is pretty deep.... he's in the lane that is closest to us as well... oh ya... we sure got it. Brown water comes in a wave form through the air and hits all 8 of us missionaries... so we were all pretty brown but we still hadn't crossed.... at that point we all were thinking the same thing and Elder Arhinful spoke it for us "well elders... forget yourself and go to work". In we went. mid-ankle high mud water with garbage and stuff that i don't even know what to call so that you would understand what i'm trying to describe.... wet feet all day long but we made it on time to church!! Honestly... it was to much fun. 
So today is short because we are going to Bureh Beach again as a zone so i'm pretty excited for that. Rainy season is starting to come so its real nice and humid around here but at least its pretty cool temperature wise.... and the lightning and thunder here..... is louder than i've ever heard it.... SO SWEET!! Malloway!
-Elder Rogers
Happy cinco de mayo!! WOOHOO go mexicans!

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