Monday, May 26, 2014

26 May 2014‏

This week i'm not gonna lie i don't have too much to tell about. Its the same old same old as every week. Teach lessons, extend baptismal dates, save the world, kill anything other than missionaries that comes inside the apartment.... nothing new. The rain has started coming down... every morning about 2 to 3 the rain pours!! And rain doesn't travel downward here... the wind that comes with the rain is so strong that rain travels from side to side... so before you go to sleep make sure all the windows are closed.... or you get to mop during your exercise time in the morning.... anyways i don't know what else to say.. Elder Tanner and i are doing great and having a blast. We increased our investigators pool by 7 this week and gave 4 of them baptismal dates... one of them being our very stubborn catholic investigator... the plan is to convert him and then use him to help teach his family. He's a sweet guy and i'll write more about him at a later time. Love you all! 
-Elder Rogers

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