Monday, September 14, 2015

#the 4th quarter

Alright alright everyone the day has come. In order for me to try and make an attempt at staying as focused as possible for my last month we're gonna cut communication.... this is how it works. 
-Your part is easy. Don't send, email, or write me until i get home:)
-Each week i will write a letter to you guys.
-My last week in the mission i will send a mass email.
These are the rules:) Its only a month which is not too long but a lot of miracles can happen in a month and i'm gonna make sure that i'm focused to the point that i won't miss them. 

In all cases... immediate questions and emergencies take priority:)

Monday, September 7, 2015

It started with a baptism...

Hola everyone! This week was pretty legit i guess! It started with a baptism which is always a great event to start the week with! His name is Torres Rosas LeBrun. He is probably the smartest 15 year old i've ever met and we've had some really awesome experiences with him and he was way more than ready for his baptism. Both of his parents, who are not members, came to the baptism which provides a great opportunity for us to teach them! 
The great and terrible transfer meeting was held on Wednesday and Elder Moss and I got to go witness the destruction. Our zone got a lot of super awesome missionaries transferred in so we're stoked for that! Sadly along with transfers, is departing missionaries. One of the missionaries who left this transfer was the great Elder Milne. It was super sad to hug one of the homies from the mission goodbye but we'll be seeing each other again so it wasn't too bad! 
Other than that we found some really cool people this week that have been in search for a church so we've just got a lot of opportunity over here in the Tally 1 ward! 
This weeks sermon from the keyboard is an invitation to watch the new addiction recovery videos on They are extremely powerful! You may not be struggling with an extreme addiction like the people that they show but the principles that are taught are very applicable to every struggle that we are faced with. It also is an amazing way to show that the Lord is very aware of every situation we are in and if we can recognize that we can't get out of struggles without His help, and we do our best to rely on His strength then we will be able to get through anything! That's all for this week! I wish you all a great week and lots of fun! Blessings!
-Elder Rogers