Monday, October 13, 2014

The family ward‏

Hey everyone this week was pretty eventless because one of my companions has been really sick so we have been inside the house for most of the day but it was still pretty fun! Tuesday was way fun! I got to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Smellie. He's from Preston Idaho and he's a way sick guy! We had tons of fun together and it would be a blast to serve with him somewhere down the road! Well Sunday church service is so different in a family ward than in a YSA ward! It is so LOUD! YSA's are so quite that you can hear everything but the family ward is way opposite! Anyways guys i really don't have to much to say and i think that's cuz i've been writing letters more now so i don't really have a ton to talk about on Monday's. I know when i get off that i'll remember something but i'll try to take more notes of my life this week so i can tell all the cool stories! Love you all! 
-Elder Rogers
p.s. i just saw tanner's facial hair on dropbox...... #jealous

oh ya and i'll start sending some weekly pictures to you guys.

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