Monday, June 1, 2015

The New Mission President Miracle‏

Got this from Sister Ostler (sierra Leone mission presidents wife). God is a God of miracles everyone.....

Dear Missionaries,

It is just amazing to think back one year to where we all were and what we were all doing. I was still rejoicing that Elder and Sister Barney had arrived and that Sister Barney could remind all of you to take your Doxy and keep hydrated! We were hopeful that Ebola was dying down and that the work would continue to move forward. Then just two months later we were evacuating. We have all been busy since then, busy meeting new people, busy getting settled in new places with new callings, busy thinking about and praying for our friends in Sierra Leone. As Ebola got worse and worse I began to wonder if it would be years before the mission could be opened again and if the Church in Salone would go wild. But the members have been working hard and they have been finding, teaching, and baptizing. And their faith and works are being blessed. We are all excited to hear the news that a mission president has been called and that full time missionaries will soon be walking the dusty roads and hiking the steep hills of our loved Salone. What is also wonderful and amazing to me is that the new mission president and his wife live very near to us here in Palmyra! Their name is Clawson. Just a few days before they received a call to serve in SL we were having dinner with them in our home. We were excited and surprised when they called just a few days later to tell us of their call and ask if they could come back to our home to talk about life in Salone. Isn't God good?! We are so glad to know the very people who He is sending to reestablish the mission and carry on His work. Although we will always feel sadness for having to leave before our work was done there is joy in knowing that the work continues and that because of the great work each of you did there many will rejoice when they see a new army of God's missionaries walking in their midst.

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