Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome back Elder Rogers‏

Well everyone transfer news came in the form of an emergency transfer this time. Transfer doesn't end for two weeks but Friday night i received a call from Elder Bogh (my ZL) and he told me i'm being transferred back to the West!!! So now i'm back to where i started from. I'm sittin in the same internet cafe and i got to see Elder Sumrak today. Just like i never left... not sure why i was transferred but it wasn't my fault! It was just a switch either... 7 of us got emergency transferred... strange things are happening..... so here's the benefits i now have
-I get to see my converts from my first area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the sweetest reason!!!
-I can now send and receive mail every tuesday:)
-I get to see Elder Sumrak more
I thought i had a longer list to go through but that's about it. So i'm not the DL either... i'm with Elder Maxfield and his companion Elder Khumitsile until next week saturday when Elder Maxfield will be leaving the area. My area is the Freetown area and this is the area that i was living inside when i was born..... I LOVE the east end but coming back to the west and smelling all the familiar smells and feeling the feeling of the busy city that never sleeps... its just like coming home.... if you forget where home REALLY is. Its kinda crappy having one of your best friends as an AP because they know everything and they want to tell you everything but they can't so they give small little clues when they talk so you have to really be ready and discern everything that they say and the hidden meanings behind them.... for example Elder Sumrak called me on Friday during the day (Friday night i received my news) and just before we ended the conversation he says "Alright buddy well i'll see you sooner then you think" I said "well if its any sooner than tuesday (zone conference) then i don't wanna see you cuz that means i'd have to be closer to you for some reason." I really didn't think about what i was saying cuz if i had then it would've hit me... but he just laughed and hung up..... taaadaaaa now i'm in the west. Anyways i think that's about all i have to say for this email... Doing great and loving the country! Love you all!
-Elder Rogers

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