Monday, June 23, 2014

Finally not a white man!!‏

Well transfer news came and both of my companions left. Elder Maxfield to Makeni and Elder Khumoetsile to Bo. I'm stuck in town.... but i received Elder Appia... A Ghana man!!! Finally someone who isn't white! So this transfer President Ostler is doing something different. He has given a special calling to 8 missionaries (4 companionships) and here are the qualities he was looking for...
-2 Missionaries close in mission age.
-Missionaries who have a desire to work hard.
-Missionaries who aren't afraid to talk with people.
-Both of them will not have any leadership so they can 'put their shoulder to the wheel'
-Can speak Krio
-Have a desire to find, teach, and baptize kingdom builders and families.
We have about 180 missionaries in our mission so of course there aren't only 8 missionaries that would qualify to do this. There are many that are capable. Elder Appia and i have been chosen to serve together as one of the 'Dream Teams.' I hope that i don't sound boastful because that's not how i feel. It builds my testimony when i look back and see how the Lord has taken my weaknesses and made them strong, and now i have been chosen to do this. I'm very grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve with Elder Appia. I've been waiting for a companion that is from a country other than Utah. (Yes Utah qualifies as its own country). I'm excited because he works hard and is a great man. One thing about my new companion is he loves. to. laugh. Boku boku one! It's gonna be a sweet transfer and i'm pretty sure i'll be with him next one as well but we'll see. 

Now to the bitter sweet news. Just before emailing Elder Appia and i went to the mission office to say our last goodbyes to the missionaries that are leaving today. One of them being Elder Sumrak. Its tough to see your trainer go but i know that i'll see him when i get home. I will forever be grateful to my Father in Heaven and to President Ostler for putting me with the trainer that i had. I learned so much from him and he showed me how to be a great missionary. I'll miss him but it reminds me how short time can be on mission. We'll thats all for this week! Love you all!
-Elder Rogers
oh and Elder Gherkins, my other trainer, is now an AP. I was trained by some good guys.

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