Monday, June 2, 2014

Part 2- The long-suffering theory.‏

All missionaries will understand this title and feel my pains after i explain. So on mission i feel like one of the largest things we learn as missionaries is how to be patient in our sufferings... and you can see this because nothing is ever totally perfect. You'll have moments of joy and happiness but there is always something that needs fixing and mending... to obtain full peace, well that's the bitter sweet part... the lord will always allow us to face something. For most of missions out there it may be spiritual, your investigators, personal, or even physical. For the Sierra Leone mission its mostly in the aspect of physical. Like for example we finally fix the water problems in the Allen Town apartment and then a dog gets thrown over the wall of the compound and of course its cute so now we have to avoid breaking the rules in the white bible so after some heart break we through it out (and there wasn't one missionary in that apartment that wanted to get rid of that puppy so it stayed for a few days.... we're softies). So the dog is gone.... guess what.... someone has broken our pipe again and we're out of water..... that's a long example... so long story, we finally handle the problem of the spoiled stew sickness (even thought that was mostly stupidity) and what comes along..... a boil... in my arm pit. By the way.... boils really hurt... but it'll go away soon and something else will come... hopefully another puppy. Hope you enjoy laughing at my sufferings cuz im laughing harder than you can... lovin this place and all that i learn!
-Elder Rogers

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