Monday, March 23, 2015


Wassup wassup!? This week has been awesome. Its not a new feeling to get a new companion but it always is a crazy experience taking over and leading the area. My new companion is Elder Browning. He's from Pocatello, Idaho (the 2nd mormon state). He's been on his mission for 14 months and he's just been transferred from Tallahassee. He's super sick so i'm looking forward to our transfer! This week we also had Stake Conference. Stake Conference is a lot of fun. You get to see all the missionaries in the stake and all the members that you've met in the various areas, and President and Sister Smith came this time. They both spoke and you can tell the difference  between someone who has experience and who doesn't when it comes to speaking. Pres and sister smith have a ton of experience and they are so fun to listen to. When President got up to speak it was so nice... there was just a peace that came into the room and you just feel like everything is gonna be alright. So Stake conference was really good! This week we're gonna be doin some traveling and goin to the northern part of our zone for a meeting up there. And now we be ridin in style.... the mission gave us a MINIVAN!!! BOOOYAAA!! That's it for now!
-Elder Rogers

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