Monday, March 2, 2015

Its a dog eat missionary world....‏

This one is coming straight from my journal so it may be a little long but its worth it i promise!
Saturday 28, February 2015
"Peck < Pit bull"
And another month bites the dust. Today rolls into 2nd place behind Ebola evacuation for the craziest experience of my mission. Elder Peck and i were together on an exchange up in Monroeville (his area). Well its the last day of the month and of course they don't have any miles left to use so we're hittin those bikes. So we're headed out to Brad & Adrianne's house (their investigators). Its about a 7 mile bike ride so we get peddlin. Well within 100 yards of their trailer craziness starts happening. 
Their neighbors pit bulls are out in the front yard and one starts barking and running at Elder Peck so we both peddle a little faster but don't think to much of it cuz panicking always makes things worse. Well it doesn't back down. Its running really close, like right next to, his bike and then it attacks. It latched onto elder peck's leg, right under his calf, onto his shin. Elder Peck kicks his leg and the dogs leg gets smashed in the spokes of his back wheel. Thankfully it let go and limped off. 
Their neighbor across the street was pulling in and saw the ending of it and he called us over so we go over and he helped us out a ton thank goodness because at that point i had no idea what to do. He called the cops and got us an ambulance.... oh i forgot to mention why. Elder Pecks shin now had 2 gashes in his leg....

That's pretty much it but we went to the hospital and got to enjoy a nice couple hours in there and then we went home and chilled...... he was on morphine because they had to give him some rabies shots. Check out these pics!

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