Monday, March 9, 2015

Adjusting to Missionary Life‏

This week was a crazy week and we did a ton of travelling! Elder Riddle went to Tallahassee on Tuesday with the assistants and i took one of them with me on an exchange. Then Wednesday we all met up again at the halfway point in our mission for a meeting which was pretty much focused on how to manage and help others manage their stress.... cuz stress and contention is the most awful thing known to man. When you go into the MTC as a new missionary they give you a book called the "Adjusting to Missionary Life" book.... really what it should say is "How to manage the stressful life of being a missionary." Mostly everyone takes that book and either throws it out or hangs on to it until the end of their mission and then they throw it out. Very few people actually study it and i'll tell you what i've been studying that thing for nearly a month now because it is the bomb!!! So to all you missionaries if you haven't studied it yet.... get steppin! It'll change your life and make it a ton easier! Friday i was on an exchange with Elder Sahli, one of the missionaries in our zone. We had a blast and we taught some super awesome but really awkward lessons to some less active members of the branch up here. This week was super crazy with a ton of traveling and teaching.... unfortunately no baptizing this week but hopefully that's in the near future! Love yall!
-Elder Rogers

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