Monday, March 16, 2015


This week was full of miracles. On Friday we taught a family history lesson and invited these people to church (they had come the past week). They both came!!!! Super awesome! Later that day we were walking and as we had gotten close to our car to leave the area we were in a man drove up and asked where our service was and when it was and we filled out a card with all the information on it and gave it to him and he said "don't be surprised to see me come." We both kind of had the mentality of "ha ya okay.... never heard that before in my mission....." Well it was kind of a sign from God to us that we are lacking faith cuz he showed up for church on Sunday. He was a member that fell away 45 years ago and now is wanting to come back so that was another miracle! The last major miracle happened when i was on an exchange down in Theodore with Elder Payne. We were walking around an area and we saw some lil homies playin basketball so what do we do? Challenge them to a game. Well we walk a little further down the block with them to a house that the owners have told these kids previously that they could use their hoop whenever they want. So we play on and of course Elder Payne and i in our white shirts and ties destroy them..... (super humble right:)) Well we're playing and then we finish up our game just as these people in a mini van drive up to the driveway. So we stop and are headed out and i look at the back of the mini van and see on the back there is a University of Utah sticker. That's real strange down here. Definitely need to talk to them about the gospel if they are from SLC. So the driver and passenger get out and B line straight for the door and they were goin so fast that there wasn't anything we could do....they obviously recognized the white shirts and ties. Well then an older couple steps out of the van and calls us over and we talk with them. They were members from Atlanta. They had grown up in the church and in Salt Lake City before moving out to Atlanta. They were Ward Missionaries back home so they were more than excited to see us. We asked if their kids were members and they said no... thus the disappearance of the driver and passenger. But now we know! Anyways everyone i want you to know that our God is a God of Miracles and just as he did in the past he continues to show us them today! Have a great day and watch for miracles..... they are there no matter how small.
-Elder Rogers

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