Monday, March 30, 2015


what up? What up? This week has been freakin insane! We've been doing so much walkin and talkin this week! This week we were tired all the time and it was so easy to just collapse into bed for the night... that's a blessing of doing missionary work... it isn't hard to fall asleep cuz you're so gosh dang tired. Serving with Elder Browning is probably the closest i'll get to serving with Tanner. They are the kind of guys that you never know what they are thinking or gonna do next and you could never guess in a thousand years... there is no pattern to their randomness and they are always doing something hillarious... for example.... Friday all our appointments fell through and so we were walking around and talking to people all day.... and we took a later lunch than usual so we come in at 2 in the afternoon to eat and we do and after that i lay down on my bed to rest, with no intention of falling asleep, but i was so tired that i was gone in just a few minutes. Well the time comes for us to go back out and work.. so Elder Browning yells at me twice.. no response. So most people would come up and touch the bed or shake your leg or something... not Elder Browning... he walks out of the room and comes back with his guitar and starts playing a very mexican sounding song.... that woke me up. So i wake up to Elder Browning standing next to my bed holding his cherry red guitar playing music that requires him to be wearing a sombrerro.... that's what my life is like every day. Never a dull moment and its awesome. Friday we had interviews with our mission President and they went really good! This upcoming week Elder Browning and I have a meeting with him and some other missionaries and i'm super excited for that. Can't wait to kick it at our church for conference weekend! #thisisthelife!

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