Monday, February 2, 2015

Whats up whats up!

Whats up whats up! Life out here is the same ol same ol. We did more exchanges so i got to go to Mississippi for a night this past week and i got to go to onroeville Alabama and if anyone knows the book "to kill a mockingbird" that is the city were it took place and thats about there only claim to fame but they do have a McDonalds so their population isn't the lowest i've seen yet. 
Other than that the big thing that happened this week was transfer news. Elder Riddle and i are staying so that's super awesome and we are way stoked for this next transfer. There were only 4 people being transferred so i hope that like Elder Milne comes up to one of the spots that are open in our zone.... that would be an all star zone!
 So last night we had dinner with the Sizemores and Brother Sizemore works in the Holman prison out here which is a max security prison and one of three prisons that have authority to do death sentences... so people come here to die... but he brought out a box with all the stuff that he has confiscated from the cons...... he has like 100 shanks and some really cool homemade stuff like tattoo guns.... but i'll send those pictures when i have more time and better internet! That's all for this week! I wish you all a great week!
-Elder Rogers

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