Monday, February 16, 2015

The Black Box‏

Wassup wassup??? Life in Atmore is pretty much still the same! This week we have been doing a ton of family history and i'm loving it. I've gotten pretty good and i've found out a lot of stuff about my ancestors. Learning about them is way fun and hearing stories is even better! Family History is by far the most effective tool over here in atmore! Lessons are hard to come by.... we average probably around 2 but we taught 5 this week and they all were related to Family History. Its a ton of fun and if you haven't started i would suggest starting on yours. Or try indexing! A while back i was indexing and i stumbled upon a set of marriage records from the 1960's from the Weber County area... well on this one it had been a marriage performed in the temple... and it was performed by none other than David O. McKay.... the prophet! Cool things like that don't happen every day. Last week i set a goal of doing 1000 push ups in a week.... persistence is key! I achieved my goal with 1010 pushups... it was actually a lot of fun and it was hard which makes you feel good at the end of the week... i challenge everyone to try it! On Tuesday we had a zone conference in Pensacola Florida. The purpose of the conference was so that all the missionaries could get "black boxes" installed into our cars. A black box is pretty much like driving with your mom.... it tells you when to slow down... if you brake to fast... if you hit bumps to hard... if you are belted up..... and then if you don't do what it says you could lose your driving privileges. Just like driving with your mom.... anyways that's pretty much it for the week down here in the south! 
-Elder Rogers

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