Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day

I was just reminded by my companion about something that happened to us this week... It started on friday night. We were walking back to our apartment and a van with two girls in it drive by and the driver honks and blows us a kiss as they drive by....... we both kinda are a little stunned cuz that has never happened to us before..... well the next day was even worse.... we were walking in a different part of our area and as we're walking a red car with 3 younger looking girls in it drive past and as we always do when cars drive by, we wave at them.... well 30 seconds later the same car passes us again and we both kinda got a little weirded out but whatever their probably just looking for a house or something.... well then they come up from behind us and one of the girls rolls down her window and yells out to us "Hey! My friend wants your number!" There were like 500 things flying through my mind of things that i wanted to explain about how we're missionaries and that we don't give it out for that reason ...... things like that. And Elder Riddle must have felt the same way because nothing was coming out of our mouths... I was trying so hard to say something  but nothing would come out of my mouth...Finally elder riddle wrestles words out and says... "sorry we don't give it out" when actually that's what we do all day everyday but we were both just so shocked that one someone actually talked to us first and two they wanted our numbers....... dealing with the opposite sex when we get home is gonna be an awesome experience for those around to watch! And that actually happened on Valentines Day.... anyways that was one of many crazy things that happened this week!

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