Monday, February 9, 2015

How hot can it really be???‏

This week we got to go to the transfer meeting even though neither of us were being transferred and we got to watch as everyone got their new assignments! It's really fun to be at that meeting when you aren't going anywhere or getting anyone new. There were not that many changes made to our zone this transfer but it was a good meeting to attend. 
President Smith has now invited all of us to rise to the challenge of being consecrated missionaries. What it takes to be a consecrated missionary is to sacrifice 5 things:
1- Any disobedience. 
2- Fear
3- Romantic Passions
4- Pride
5- Sarcasm/Negativism. 
It's a really hard challenge... the hardest one is FEAR. Fear is something that everyone faces and its something that to overcome you have to confront and push yourself through it. Fear stops me especially from talking to people that i know i should. So that is what i am working on. Pushing myself through my fear and talking to people and taking every missionary opportunity that i see. Its hard but small small:)
Last night we were at the Sizemore's for dinner and Brother Sizemore collects hot sauces... well he had the number three hottest hot sauce in the world and so i was like "ya i'm awesome and can take on anything".... that way of thinking led to a very painful next 60 minutes. I only put the amount of what sticks on the tip of a tooth pick three times on my tongue..... it was so hot. But now i can say i did it so pride is now restored:) After i conquer the fear aspect of being consecrated then i'll work on the pride.... This week i've set a goal to do 1000 push ups in a week... i started today and so far i'm at 185. My arms cannot push me off the ground anymore so if i don't make it its because i physically cannot do it. Anyways thats all for this week!
-Elder Rogers 

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