Monday, January 26, 2015

Texas Roadhouse

This week was a good week for studies. Elder Riddle got super sick this week so we were inside Friday through Sunday... i studied. I set a goal to finish the standard works by the end of this year so i go started and i read from 2 Nephi to Alma chapter 5. I'm starting to feel a little burnt out but once i hit those war chapters i'll be all good! Something i noticed as i was reading is simply that the wicked don't acknowledge the Lord and the righteous acknowledge His hand in all things. So that's how you can tell if you are wicked or righteous... if you notice the hand of the Lord or if you just blow it off as a personal success or a "coincidence". 
Thursday was the highlight of the week for sure! We went down to the stake center in Mobile for some interviews with President Smith. It's always super nice and uplifting to go down and sit with President and talk to him about anything. I got some really good advice from him on how to improve my life and improve as a missionary. After the interview President and Sister Smith took Elder Riddle and i out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and that was way awesome to get to go with them to dinner and just spend some time with them... It was probably the best Thursday i've ever had on my mission.  Anyways that's all for this week!
-Elder Rogers

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