Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey everyone

Hey everyone this week was super busy with doing planning and goin all over the stake on exchanges with other missionaries... Did tons a knockin, preachin, and teachin! Got to speak in church on charity and service and i got to talk a ton about SaLone! Anyways that's about all for this week! It's really short cuz we're really busy which is a good thing!!!
-Elder Rogers

Since Braxton's emails are so short and uninformative, I'll update you on what I know.  He has been a zone leader since his transfer to this area, which might explain the lack of detail in his emails and he and his companion always being really busy.  I asked him how his zone is doing.  His response: "Everything here is going great!  The zone is doing super well and we've had 3 baptisms this year so far which is good.  It's been cold lately, but it's all good!  I've missed the cold weather so much!"

A cop car in our area.... in the black community.

The worst day of my life!
When I asked him for an explanation his response was:
"hahahah uhhhhhhhh.......well,
there was a missionary in our district
that need to get a colonoscopy,
so in order to build unity with him
 (<--- excuse to do something journal worthy/stupid)
 we went through the cleansing process with him."

We received this picture via text from someone who had fed Braxton and his companion lunch.
We LOVE these random texts!

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