Monday, January 19, 2015

Priceless emails from Africa

Ryan and I each received an email from Braxton's last companion in Sierra Leone, Elder Shadrack Kwame Appiah.
They are so kind and humble, we wanted to share them.

Dear Father,
Am grateful to write to you at this time, let me introduce myself small am Elder Appiah serving in Nigeria Calabar Mission. I serve with Elder Rogers at Sierra Leone, and it was very grate to be with him i like his courage and his desire. So Father hope all is going on well with you and the family there my greetings to them all take care thank you. 

Sweet Mother,
Am grateful to write to you, hope all is well with you there am doing good on mission, this is Elder Appiah at Nigeria Calabar Mission, serve at Sierra Leone first but at this time am reassign at this place, it going on well with me hear and although is not the same, i just took your mail from Elder Rogers, my last and formal companion in Sierra Leone because of the love he showed me than you for sending him on mission to have met him. Thank you hope to hear from you.

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