Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Wassup wassup? Still here in Tallahassee! Shout out to those runnin Utes for takin it to Idaho state. Not like they were any competition for us. FSU plays their first game tonight in Arrlington, Texas at the cowboys stadium against Oklahoma State. This week has been pretty awesome! We taught 6 lessons yesterday which tripled the amount of lessons we have taught so far this week. This is so weird bein in a place were 10 a week is pretty good and in Sierra Leone Elder Barrick and i taught 11 lessons one day... but i will say that of the people we teach lessons to about 95% of them are actually interested in the religon aspect of it and not that they have a white man talking to them. Cameron is progressing towards his baptismal date of September 7. We're doin good. Campus is totally different now. School has now started up again so there are people EVERYWHERE. They had a 40,000 enrollment this year. And to even have 2,000 of them walking around you can be super intimidating. It's such a different mission that takes different skills but its pretty cool to be able to learn from two missions. We had Elder Zwick of the Seventy here this week and we had a conference with him on Thursday. They told us at the beginning of the week that he would be coming around to some different apartments to check them and so all of the mission cleaned everything spotless and i've never seen such a clean apartment in my life. Thursdays conference was about 8 hours long but it was awesome. I've noticed that some people when they give instructions like to call people out of the crowd to do something on the spot and i didn't get called until the very end when Elder Zwick had Elder Smith(the other missionary who came from Sierra Leone) and I stand up and he said some pretty cool and comforting things about us.. He told us that we were prayed for by the quorum of the 12 and the first presidency and that President Monson was praying for us frequently.... that was so cool to hear. He told us that he knows President Ostler well and he said that near the end of the meeting he would love to hear Elder Smith and I bare our testimonies so we got to do that at the end and it was awesome. He also told us to stick around because he wanted to take a picture with us two and he will give it to President Ostler the next time he sees him... That was probably one of the highlights of my mission. The meeting was kinda long but one of the best i've been in and we learned a ton! I hope that all is well wherever you are and with whatever you are doin! Love you all!
-Elder Rogers

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