Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cameron has been baptized!

Cameron has been baptized! It was on Sunday right after church and it was way awesome! There were a ton of people. Baptisms here are wayyyy different. I wouldn't say that they are better but they aren't worse either. Baptisms have a different spirit here but whether its in the States or in Africa its awesome! 
We went to the FSU game Saturday night and that was super sick! They won of course but i don't think that they'll win a national title this year. It was a cool experience to watch the number one team in the nation play though. So many drunk people though. Cool fact about the FSU stadium, they don't sell alcohol inside the stadium... awesome right? So everyone gets drunk outside! We saw one guy outside of the gates chugging 4 beers right before he went into the game.... maybe its just because I've been living my beliefs but i really don't see the benefit of drinking.... you act stupid, you get a belly, you get addicted, your family life is ruined, your job is at risk, and the list goes on.... sadly we see that a lot here. 
Yesterday we got a call from a member asking if there was an Elder Canes on campus with us. There isn't one. One of the Fraternities had posted something on a school blog about an interview with a missionary (it was a fake interview by the way) and the replies that the "missionary" gave to the questions were really messed up doctrines that we don't believe and they just messed up the views of the church... not cool. And because the website isn't recognized by the school they can't do anything to take it off... there is a ton of anti Mormon stuff out here... almost every first lesson we have with new investigators are without a doubt about false doctrines and ideas that the world has about us because of south park, the book of Mormon play, or anti Mormon websites. Its nice when you get someone who actually can be realistic and notice that we don't believe in any of those things and that they are all lies. 
So on Wednesday i called the bishop to set up a time when we could meet up and get Camerons baptismal record signed so we could turn it in and after setting up the time and wrapping up the conversation bishop says "Hey Elder Rogers will you do me a favor? Can you talk in Church on the 28th about humility and the role it plays in coming unto Christ?"..... "of course bishop!" Can't say no.. especially as a missionary. I'll get to tell some cool Africa stories though so I'm excited... it'll be my first speaking assignment on my mission... i almost made it a year! Well i love you all and i hope that you all have a great Sunday tomorrow and an amazing week!
-Elder Rogers

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