Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Do you have Wendy's number

Hey guys how's it goin? This week was great! Earlier this week during our hour that we call potential investigators off of a list in our area book i fell asleep... and i was way exhausted so i was like really deep asleep... all of a sudden i wake up and Elder Milne and Elder Funk are standing above me (i'm sitting in my chair) and they are laughing. While i was sleeping they were putting things in my mouth, like animal crackers, pass along cards, my toothbrush, and taking selfies with me.... funny guys... later that night the Sister Udy and Sister Mathison text us and ask "Do you have Wendy's number?" (Wendy is a member in our ward... and she looks like the wendy's chick). When me and my companions read that we just had to send them the number to Wendy's the resteraunt... so we did. They called us about 15 minutes later. They had called and had asked the person on the phone if Wendy was there.... he laughed a little and said no so they hung up and they decided to call back and try again.. they ask if wendy lives there and again no... then it all made sense... we're pretty fun... we have tons of fun and speaking of fun (and why this email is short) President Smith gave us permission to go to the FSU vs. Citadel game tonight with some members!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PUMPED FOR FOOTBALL!!!!!!!
Love ya tons
-Elder Rogers

Forgot to add one more thing... this week i went on an exchange with Elder Hintze one of our zone leaders and i got to hold a 50 caliber sniper rifle along with a magnum and a desert eagle pistol....... so! AWESOME!!

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