Saturday, September 20, 2014

College Game Day!!‏

Wassup Wassup? Life is still awesome in Tallahassee. This week we've got another football adventure! It's not another game but it is pretty awesome... so because this weeks game is super big "College Game Day" came to town and its like the live show that they do at one of the games were they have the sports guys on the college campus in front of the stadium. It's awesome.. so Friday we were walkin around the stadium to find people to talk to and because that's the most populated area that's where we went. When we get over there we see that Coca-cola is handing out free cokes and free pizza so of course we grab a coke and sit down for some pizza. The woman giving out cokes says "you can take as many as you want." So Elder Funk fills his backpack with like 30 cokes! The straps even broke as we were walking away. We took a ton of pictures in front of the set and it was wayyyy cool! So I'm sure you all might be thinking that we don't do missionary work but we do! For about 3 weeks now we've been teaching Cait Dexter and she has had the deepest questions... for example she didn't want us to teach her the plan of salvation but she wanted us to teach her a deeper one that included us teaching her about Exaltation... so we did! And she accepts it allllll and when i say all... i mean it. Yesterday she told us that she talked to her parents and told them that she has been attending this church and wants to baptize into it and at first her parents were a little bummed out but accepting and within a 3 hour span they had gone from that to "we will disown you if you join that church" they had obviously been researching it and seeing all of the bad stuff out there and Cait told her to go to but I've learned from past experience that when someone is trying to be offended they will find what they are looking for and take it the wrong way... Her parents also found something online that said that the campus missionaries "prey" on the vulnerable and weak looking people..... so false. We're proud of her though! When  her parents called to tell her that they'll disown her she came running back to the institute and found one of the girls that has become her friend through the church and she just sat down and cried with her and that other girl had also been through this thing when she was joining the church... actually almost all of the members down here who are converts have faced this same problem. Today I'm just grateful for being born in the church and to parents who are supportive of me. Love all you guys!
-Elder Rogers
by the way.... FSU's Heisman winner, Jameis Winston, decided to get up on a table in the middle of the commons area here and scream profanities..... so he's suspended for their whole game today... #idiot 

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