Saturday, August 23, 2014

Relief Society President

Whats up whats up? We got transfer news and i'm staying as the new district leader of the Campus District. Elder Milne is staying with me and we are training a new guy from the MTC. His name is Elder Funk. He's actually from Logan and so is Elder Milne so they know each other and they went to school together so now i'm third wheel status for sure... but hey we're having a great time! Still a ton of rejections and laughs in this part of Tally but schools about to start again so that means we'll get even more rejection but hopefully more teaching appointments as well. Elder Jorgensen was transferred out of this area. Which really sucks but hey I've still got some time that i'll most likely run into him again. Missionary work is so different here and we actually do service here! Because of school we're now able to help members move back in as they return for the semester so we're doing good all around... and we're like professional movers. We have an investigator that just moved back for school and he's gonna be baptized on Sunday September 7th. We're pretty excited for him and he's a way cool guy. He's definitely ready and he has some good fellow shippers... that's a super blessing of being in a YSA... if you have an investigator.. there is member that is like them and they are around the same age as them so they actually can fellowship and hang out and do things together. 

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