Saturday, August 9, 2014

He's been transferred to....

As most of you know that the Sierra Leone and Liberia missions have been evacuated and the missionaries have been reassigned. So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all spent inside my apartment in Sierra Leone on lock down. Sunday we packed and paid for some taxis to take our stuff to the mission home. We were broken into three groups there. 1-africans 2-african sisters 3-anyone not african. Due to my white skin i was in group 3 and we were sent to the lungi airport hotel to wait for a chartered airplane to come pick us up... it didnt come until tuesday morning. Tuesday morning we all left the hotel and got all kinds of health screenings to make sure that we were not sick with anything. Then we boarded the plane and headed to Portugal. On Saturday afternoon President Ostler called each district to give them reassignments.. i was assigned to the Ghana Kumasi Mission. Tuesday night in Portugal we recieved re reassignments and then i was assigned to the Tallahassee Florida mission. Wednesday early morning Elder Smith (the other missionary assigned to the same mission) flew from Portugal to Madrid Spain and due to airplane problems we were in spain all day long fighting sleep and praying that we would leave soon. Finally we leave spain and reach Miami at about 10:00 wednesday night. The airline put us in a super nice hotel and we went staright to our room and slept for about 5 hours. Woke up and back on a plane to Tallahassee where we were met by Elder Welch and Elder McPherson, the assistants. For the past few days we've been sleeping, playing basketball (i miss soccer so much), and hanging out with the AP's and the senior couples. President Smith has been out of town doing interviews and they came to meet us last night. Yesterday we went on a shopping spree to a mall to buy all of the things that we needed because we had to throw so many things out due to weight restrictions on the airplane from Sierra Leone to Portugal. This morning we ate breakfast with President and Sister Smith and we were taken to our areas. I am serving with Elder Milne and Elder Jorgensen (my 11th and 12th companions) and we are assigned to the Florida State University Campus Area.... I'm goin to college!!!!! I may become an FSU fan but we'll see... i'm a ute at heart. One thing that kinda sucks down here is that i've now gone from how di bodi and krio to yall and southern slang..... if i come home with that accent.. just smack it out of me. Anyways i love you all boku!! 
-Elder Rogers
Florida Tallahassee Mission

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