Monday, March 3, 2014

Bummer week

Well i wish i could tell you that we have gotten water but we haven't.... now we buy sachets and wash with them.... too long to explain just know its not sweet.... also the smell from the toilets not being able to be flushed has forced us to start digging holes in the back yard of the house and... you get the idea.... I wonder if i had gotten my eagle if i wouldn't be serving here... i feel like i'm here earning now. That's not even the true bummer of the week.... Monday in the act of trying to send pictures my card got a virus.... pictures from my first 5 months... gone. So i think its pretty safe to say don't plan on any kind of picture for the next 19 months:) our 11 baptismal candidates are coming along small small but i'm pretty confident that they'll make it by the 22nd. Still teaching and furthering the work in good old Africa. This week in my studies i was thinking about something (keep in mind that this is my own opinion not doctrine). Why are missionaries called? What i think is that its for the missionary. Think about it... if someone will accept the gospel on earth then they will accept it in heaven. So why are missionaries sent... of course to help with the work but the work will be done for those who want it.... all the temple work and baptisms will be completed during the millenium so what are they for?? My own opinion is that missionaries are serving to build themselves. Of course we're building the kingdom but its all about quality not quantity so if we're focused on quality then isn't the quality of the church becoming greater if the members are going on missions and increasing their own quality?? In all reality the work is for both the missionary and the people they are called to teach but in my own opinion i feel like missionary work is more for the missionary than it is for any one else... let me know what you think:) Malloway!!
-Elder Rogers

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