Monday, March 24, 2014

Zone Conference and Area 70's‏

Hey everyone! So i just got off of dropbox after i looked at the pictures and i only have a few things to say.... 1- carpet..... thats all i have to say about that. 2-thats a big mountain! 3-Tanner why are you wearing my sandals?? Not that i really care:) But really guys... the lacrosse stick in the background.... i almost cried... anyways so this week was so sweet! We had our zone conference and boy was that awesome. The instructions were sweet, the food was sweet, and i love being able to see all the other missionaries... and its kind of nice to be taught instead of teaching all the time. Also we had a baptismal service on saturday so wednesday we had to pay people to tote 5 gallon rubbers of water from the dam at the top of the mountain so that was a slow process and it took them all day to fill the font with about 1000 liters of water which isn't even enough for a sitting baptism so that was frustrating so friday we had a bouzer come (truck that brings water) to the chapel and fill the tank with 3000 liters and then we were all jumping for joy! Saturday comes and we all are at the baptism and we open the font to find that the font has a leak somewhere and so there was about half the amount of water so we did a sitting baptism... sometimes salone logic frustrates me but it makes us become much better people and i still love this place even if it has quite a bit of problems. So sunday comes and i forgot to iron my shirt saturday night while we had power so morning comes and i get up and i look at Elder Obeng-Poku and i tell him "watch in all the weeks that President and Sister Ostler could have come to visit the new branch this will be the day cuz i forgot to iron my shirt." Sure enough Elder Losee recieved a call 10 minutes later and president said that Elder Losee needs to come show him the place. So we meet at the chapel and President and Sister get out of the vehicle and then the back doors open and we're all wondering why the AP's came with them... well the AP's didn't get out.. it was Elder Curtis and Elder Koranteng... two of the area 70's... that made me pretty nervous for our confirmations.... anyways it all went well and now we have some new members in the Church. So this morning the AP's called Elder Losee and told him that his companion will be emergency transfered..... we're not sure why but that's never a good sign so pray for our missionaries!! Elder Losee will be joining Elder Barrick and I for this week until transfer news on Saturday! We're gonna be enjoying!! Malloway!
Elder Rogers

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