Monday, March 17, 2014

District Conference

So this week we had District Conference and boy was the chapel in Kissi packed... 2,000 members.... it was so full!! It was so sweet! I got to see all the missionaries in the East end and i also got to see my trainer Elder Sumrak.. always makes a good day when i get to hang out with him for awhile! Anyways this conference was so sweet!! We had 9 investigators come and one of them counts as like 20 and here's why... her name is Musu Jalloh, she's about 20 years old, and she has polio... she doesn't have control of her legs so how she walks is she has forearm crutches that she uses and she swings her hips to fling her legs around to take steps. It is hard for us to even extend the commitment to come to church because she has to walk up the mountain for about 30 yards which isn't to far but its very difficult for her.... we had our first appointment with her Tuesday and our second with her on Friday and Saturday night she called us from her mothers phone and told us "Elder Rogers and Elder Barrick i'm coming to church tomorrow!" "Great Musu! We'll be very happy to see youuuuuu..... oh wait. Musu, church won't be in Allen town tomorrow because of the conference in Kissi. So we'll be meeting at Kissi." "ohhhhhh...... (long silence)... okay!" and she hung up the phone. Well it was about 9:30 and the conference started at 10:00 and to our surprise Musu comes walking around the corner and into the chapel compound! Elder Barrick and I looked like 2 little teenage girls jumping around in circles together after they find out that they both made the cheer squad! We were so excited!! I couldn't get my most committed investigators to come to church in Allen town and Musu who has polio and can barely walk came with out us even telling her to try and come... She's got such a strong spirit... and if you think about it... before she came down here she probably knew that she was going to get this challenge in her life... but i'm sure she looked our Father in the eyes and said "Send me. I'll do it." When you're around her you can't really understand her and she can't really understand you but you can definitely tell that she has a strong spirit. It was so sweet to see her there and she really enjoyed it. President Ostler addressed the District and announced that the district will be being split, the mission has received permission to start a home group in Lungi and send missionaries there, start a branch in Calaba Town, split the Waterloo branch, send missionaries into UpGun, and in two weeks there will be around 170 missionaries in Sierra Leone... in 2004 there were 60. The mission here is growing so fast and like they say... the gospel is spreading like a wild fire in the Hawmiton bush. Anyways i've gotta run! Love you all so much!!!
-Elder Rogers
..... jess really???? a snake???? you'll hold a snake but you won't jump off the rope swing...;)

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