Monday, February 24, 2014

Dry season #sucks!!!‏

Dear everyone... drink a cup of water for me, wash a pair of clothes for me, and shower for me... cuz its been a week since i washed my clothes and the water we have smells really bad and i haven't washed for 3 days... gross right?? This is the life i live. We have a 5,000 liter tank behind our house that a house runs to from way up the mountain and its hooked to a pipe. so when the dam opens the water fills the pipe and it comes down and fills the tank... if people don't notice that water is flowing; if they do, then they brake your pipe (which is just PVC) and steal your water.. that was a big problem last transfer. This transfer the dam changed their pipe and we need to pay 80,000 le ($20.00) so that they will connect our pipe to the new pipe.... so ya... wata no dae ah. Tomorrow we (our district) will be going down and buying sachets of water... small bags (500 ml) of water that are partially  purified and we'll be using them to take a shower.... i don't tell you to scare you cuz we'll be fine... but i tell you this so that maybe you'll understand why its so necessary to save water whenever you can. Please save water... the last thing i want is to come home to a place that is run like this when it comes to water.... but anyways now to the good news!! This week we opened a new branch!!! And not only a new branch but the Allen Town branch that is located right smack dab in the middle of the Allen Town area... my area!! Why is this cool??? Well i'll tell ya... Sunday we had 15 new investigators at church... so that means we now have 21 progressing investigators... and if they continue to come to church... on 22 March we will be baptizing 11 people!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Maybe i'll bathe after the baptismal service is over.... i'm starting to feel like success is directly related to your smell... the more ripe you smell the more ripe the fruits of the field are.... Chad..... try it out!! I promise you can't go wrong with it! Just make sure your companion does it together... your one in purpose....BE UNIFIED! Anyways something that i really love about being a missionary is that you're pretty much a big brother to all the little kids... like Wednesday we went to the new road to direct the bus to our house to drop of the new missionaries from Bo and we were standing there and an okada man (motorcycle taxi) yells something to us from behind us and i was like thinking "no don't call me over there i don't need a ride" but i turned around anyways and i heard him yell "she wants to cross the street will you help her?" I follow his outstretched arm to see who he's pointing at and i see the cutest girl i've ever seen here!! She was about 3 feet tall, maybe 5 years old with braided corn rows, standin in her purple and yellow plaid dress school uniform, and a back pack on that was meant for a 15 year old so it was bouncing off the back of her calves as she walked... sorry Jess... cutest girl i've seen. So we walk her across the street and it wasn't a dirt road with a few cars, this is the new highway were all the shipments come through to go to Makini or Bo and there are a ton of taxis that are on the road. And there is no such thing as slow on this road... so we helped her across no problem. It was way sweet!! Anyways that's all for this week!!! Malloway!
Elder Rogers

one more thing. So here in salone the toilets aren't hooked up to running water so how you flush it is you take a bucket of water and dump it into the toilet to flush the "waste" down the toilet and out into the cement whole in the backyard... so the really crappy(haha get it... crappy! cuz im talking about poop! And you all thought my mission would make me mature;)) thing is that with no water.... you no can flush di toilet....... ohhhh salone:)

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