Monday, February 10, 2014

Henry Jr.‏

So this week because Elder Nwaokonko is dying next week his recent convert gave him a chicken.... not dead either. So we named it after him, thus being called Henry Jr. So anyways this chicken has been living with us since saturday night and we fed it rice and gari until this morning when we...... well i'll save the details for myself but we're eating him tonight. So that made this weekend pretty interesting. 
So tuesday i gave the district instruction on Listening. Listening to 3 things specifically... 1-Listening to your companion. 2-Listening to the Holy Ghost. 3-Listening to your investigators. I have it all written down and i'll give for a family home evening in ya know like 20 months or so but all you need to know is that it was one of the sweetest things ever! I love giving instruction because it gives you the opportunity to study so much stuff and to look for the topic that would be best inspired so you get a ton of sweet studying in and you only share small so your knowledge grows so much!! It was so awesome! Almost even... ya know... Amazing!
So Monday we went and played football against the branch and man that was so crazy cuz ya know i'm a white boy and i've never played football in my life and ya that was fun cuz being a missionary you kinda just have to make a fool of yourself sometimes... it makes people love you more. So that's pretty much what i would do... try, fail, and be laughed at. It kinda got a little annoying but whenever they would laugh at me i would just think to myself, "If only you saw what i could do with a lax stick and ball." That seemed to cheer me up! 
So my packages finally came! Thank you slaters and everyone who signed my giant paper (uhhhh tanner i couldn't find yours......:)) Anyways i cut my hair and man i feel so much better! But i did it in style first... i have some pictures of the SWEETEST MOHAWK ever that i gave myself... it was so sweet! I wanted to keep it but ya know i don't think people would take me serious with that. Also Grandpa thank you for the money! That's always nice to receive
So just a few things this week that i wanted to remind you all of..
2-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!!!!!!(everyone call him)
That's all.... SSSso i almost forgot!! Wednesday we were sitting there studying and all of a sudden i see this shadow cross my face and i was like what was that... then i see it come shooting back out the door it came in..... While we were studying a big bird came to check out the apartment... flew in next to my face flipped around in the kitchen and headed back out!! That was pretty eventful!! 
So this week was crazy busy and in the past we've only had very few investigators at church but this week we had 9 come!! Oh how happy i was!!! 
Anyways that's all from over here... Elder Garcia(Jayden) Has just barely gotten to Africa so now he's joined the club over here... even if he's like 10 countries away from me! Thought you might wanna know!! Love you all so much and enjoy your week!! Malloway!!!
-Elder Rogers

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