Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello to month number four

Hello to month number four marker and week 5 of the transfer. This transfer is going by so fast!!! So this upcoming Saturday we have one baptism. His name is Benjamin Turay and he is like one of the coolest guys ever! I sent you guys a letter about his daughter and how sweet she is so let me know when you get it... it should be like in a month or so! Which with the way time is going right now should be no time at all!! 
So this week my heart is broken.... Samuel's wife lives in England and monday night he recieved a call from her to come to her in England... he left tuesday morning and tried to call us but we were in our district meeting..... so we found all this out from Benjamin who lives next door. I just want him to come back.. im not done with him yet!! But honestly i'm not to worried cuz 1- at some point i will see him again.. maybe not here but i will. and 2- i just get this feeling that i don't need to worry about him. With his story if he ever runs into some missionaries again he's going to join the church.. i just know it. It just sucks cuz i've never met another person here that i've had such a strong connection with... anyways today we are going to go play some soccer against the branch missionaries and our investigators and i bought a ball so i've been practicing small and i'm gettin pretty good so i'll let you know how that goes. This last week we went on exchange and i was in my own area with Elder Obeng-Poku. A super sweet Ghanaian man. It was soo much fun! Other than that there really isn't to much else to say. Tomorrow i'm giving the District Instruction for the district meeting so that should be pretty interesting and fun. Something that i've realized about serving a mission is you get really comfortable being in front of people. Also this week i learned how to cook tomato stew!.... So. Good. When i get home we are going to enjoy!!! This upcoming week i'm learning how to cook potato leaf and cassava leaf so i'm pretty excited for that!! Im still workin on getting letters out to all of you! OH!! I want you guys to see what i'm learning to speak at the moment so the following sentence is Mendai and i'll let you try to figure it out and i'll tell you what it means- Ngi colah K Gaeywo nya nyaka kaylay aheyama go loogay a gay. Good luck;)
-Kaenahoovay Rogers

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