Monday, February 17, 2014

Transfer 4‏

Well Transfer 3 has come and gone and i'm in transfer 4 now which means by the end of this transfer i will be 6 months on mission... woooohoooo!! Sometimes it goes so fast and days like today just make me want to stay here! So Elder Barrick and i will be staying in the same apartment in the same area so no changes for us except that we will be recieving two missionaries into our apartment to make it a 6 man apartment and Elder Obeng-Poku will be recieving a brand new missionary so that'll be fun! Not too much goin on around these parts other than the usual walk around, sweat, and teach the coolest people in the world! Oh i do have a new best friend!! He's probably the coolest guy ever and if i wasn't a missionary me and him would just chill all the time! His name is Ibrahim and he lives right across from our compound.. he's a funny guy. He's only 8 years old but man i love that kid! Life here in Africa is the sweetest... it gets better and better everyday and honestly if i had an AC i wouldn't have any reason to go home (with the exception of my family of course!) But honestly i wish all you guys lived here and could meet the people i get to meet everyday! My mission is definitely teaching me how to be patient, work hard, and put my clothes away:) That's all for this week!! Love you all!! Malloway!
-Elder Rogers

Chad: Keep goin hard man
Jake: If you don't email me then that means you didn't read this and I'm gonna send you a cobra...

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