Monday, December 2, 2013

Two months!!

Can you believe its been two months already!! Wow. Anyways this week was a very rough week... only taught 17 lessons. It was my first week showing Elder Gherkins around the area and man was it tough... anyways Elder Gherkins is freaking sweet! He's very positive and he's weird but man is he funny! The weird part is just the best part about him... he's not afraid to do whatever. Anyways this week i would just like to share small about something that is weighing heavily on my heart. Jess talked about how they had an investigator die and i am sorry for that. That is something that thankfully hasn't happened to me. But its something along the lines of that... So we have an investigator who lives with his aunt and uncle who are members and to be honest... we don't even know if this kid has parents... his name is Yucief (You sif) Sesay and he is an eleven year old boy... so as eleven year old boys are he is a very active kid.... and last sunday he was running around with his friends and he fell and snapped his radius in his forearm.. its like pushing on the skin but isn't coming out... no one here has a job so no one has the money to take him to a hospital.. so they wrapped it with a shirt and popsicle sticks. They really don't have any sense because it is swollen... its swollen twice the size of his normal hand and that was on tuesday when we went to see him.... when we went on thursday we saw that it has become so bad that the blood has started to attempt to come out of the skin so his skin is getting super stretched and it looks like he has giant blood blisters... like GIANT... he was supposed to be baptized this coming saturday but we're postponing it to try and get him some help first.... the thing is we can't give any money and they need 25,000 leones, which isn't easy to get, to go to the clinic that can help... any other "hospital" will take him and he'll come back without an arm... and that may seam drastic and at first i said ya right but the humanitarian couple told me that that's what will happen if they take him anywhere other than the one hospital..... be grateful that you live in America... i was so homesick but man i am so glad that i get to return to a place like america when my two years are done. This kid is so faithful too.... its not easy living here... just be grateful for every single thing that you have including your body cuz here if you get something bad enough on any limb that can go... it goes. Anyways i just thought i'd let all you stuck up americans know how blessed you are! So anyways the new food this week.... 
... so i said a while back that i was eating this delicious meat that i had no clue what it was... it was givin to us by one of our recent converts and man..... its chicken gizard.. its delicious!! But at the same time its something that you can't think about while you are eating it.. you just chew and swallow:) So the heat... is very hot. Its dry season so its starting to get crappy... power leaves pretty often so that means trying to fall asleep in 80 degree darkness... not sweet. The mountain is still the same... really steep, really hot, and really large... but this week we discovered a new part of our area so that is really sweet!!! Our investigators are coming along small small. We have a sweet investigator that ill tell you about after he baptizes! Anyways thats pretty much all for this week... I hope you're all having fun FREEZING!!! Malloway!!

Elder Rogers

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