Monday, December 9, 2013

Marry me and Mystery meat!‏

So mom to answer your letters i don't need any medicine or any journals. I can get those things here but i will let you know about things if i need them:) Thanks for all the care though! 
So this week has been very crazy and i am exhausted! We had Stake conference this last weekend so we hardly got to proselyte on Saturday and Sunday! 
So Sunday we didn't even go out proselyting after conference because this weekend i got a "fresh cold." I know what you're thinking "Really a cold? Drink a cup of 'toughin up' and get out there!" But this cold was on the destroy!!! Headache was really bad and my throat was bad and something about SaLone is they just leave their trash around and once it piles up big enough some kind SaLonian Samaritan will toss a match in and it burns up in a nice smell of..... it smells way bad lets just say that.. sometimes if you're lucky and its humid and hot enough the pile will just spontaneously combust which is nice cuz then you don't have to waste a match! So back to my fresh cold... the smoke is so thick that you can't see through it and when i would breath it in it would burn alllllll the wayyyyy down. Thats not even the worst part... Whenever you get any kind of sickness there are a few similar symptoms... 1 nausea 2.... never trust a fart. End of Story. So that's why we didn't go out! 
So a way funny story this week i have for you is one that i'm not sure if i told you before and if i did then you get to read it again! So last week i was going to buy some 'Saba' (its soap to brook your clothes with) and as i'm buying it the woman selling next to my Saba woman says "buy from me" She was selling raw eggs. I replied "No." she replies with this... "Marry me." i laughed... out loud. Then i realized she was serious and i just walked away. Kinda funny how casual she asked me..... man i wish it was that way in the U.S. 
So anyways another story.. so Elder Gherkins and I were eating at Fatmata's house on Tuesday as we do every week and we're eating and i'm like what is this i'm chewing on? I've eaten it before i just never knew exactly what it was. Elder Gherkins informed me "Oh thats chicken.... gizard." Yummmmm! And actually that's not a lie. It is pretty good! Better than kandah (Cow skin) thats for sure. Now that's one meat solved... how about this one? Meat Profile = has some bones in it + round + has a weird soft/squishey center + its round. If you guessed Chicken skull with brain then you got it! And yes i ate... 3 of them. Not bad but a way weird texture! 
So we were walking home in the dark the other night and we see this thing dancing and its huge and its dancing by a street fire and there are a bunch of men dancing with it and some of the men are banging on drums.. cool right? Wrong... the huge dancing thing is called a Devil. And the people around it are not normal... almost zombie like and under control of something... the power of satan is very real everyone. If you want to see one google it. Don't go looking for one. Right when we saw it i got this intense sick feeling.... and i felt like "RUN!!!" Man i tell you what... JuJu is a huge thing here and the spirit definitely helps us out by throwing us crazy strong 'get away' feelings. Why we refer to a devil as an 'it' is because honestly it doesn't matter if its a her or a him... once its a devil its not a mortal man thing... its very scary to see. 
Anyways on the brighter side stake conference was sweet!! The missionaries gave an intermediate hymn but Elder Gherkins and I weren't in it because we were trying to get all our investigators to a chair inside the venue because it was so packed! But our stake president talked and man he is such a boss! Also we had a white man come!! He is one of the area 70's. His name is Elder Curtis and he is sweet! He talked about the restoration and the truth of it and man it was so awesome! Thats all that i can really say.. it was awesome. 
So we had 12 investigators at the conference so we have a very busy week ahead of us! This one man Paul who is baptizing on this Saturday is probably one of the coolest guys i've met! He was in the war and when he married his first wife he was 30 and she was 14... which is normal here but he's so awesome! He brought 8 of those investigators to the conference. The people here, whether they are baptized or not, as long as they are converted they want to do missionary work SO bad! It's awesome! So i know i told you about Paul's son Abubakarr and how awesomely and studly he is. So this week we were teaching Paul and Abubakarr comes running around the corner with his head back in the air laughing and he is sprinting past us... then we see 4 girls his age run around the corner chasing him! He's so awesome! He always just goes around and says his own name to people and when Elder Gherkins first met him he asked him if he was a pokemon.. hahah Elder Gherkins is a very funny guy.... he is very quick whitted and does just goofy stuff like the other day i walk into the room to find a paper mustache taped to my window just at the perfect height of my upper lip! He just does things like that all the time. We are having a way awesome time and we're becoming very good friends. Well that's all for this week in Africa! 
-Elder Rogers

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