Monday, December 16, 2013

Cockroaches uhhhhh........ can fly!‏

Ya that's right. They definitely fly but its kinda fun cuz they aren't afraid of you so they just fly at you so what you do is roll up a sheet of paper, step up to the plate, and bat away! They are invincible tho! You hit a home run and they go flying into the wall but they just get up and run away so you stomp on them cuz they run at you and if you just step they won't die.. you have to STOMP on them... like almost send your foot through the concrete floor... its so much fun! unless they get on you... that one is no fine! They bite and that is not cool. 
So on to the week. I created this chart that helps us to see our goals and its so sweet cuz it worked so well this week for Elder Gherkins and i that we're trying to get it to become a zone wide and eventually a mission wide thing! IT IS SO HELPFUL! 
So I thought i would inform you of my most favorite food ever that i would eat over anything back home! Its called Nikki Soupwie if you're mendai but you're not so its called Ground nut soup and it is the most delicious thing ever! Can't wait to make it for you guys when i get home.... in awhile:) 
So this week we had such a sweet baptism. Paul Sesay is his name. He is a 54 year old man and i love this guy so much! I got the honor of baptizing this amazing guy! So everyday Elder Sumrak and i would walk past this man and he would greet us everyday but we never felt like we needed to go talk to him... one day when we were walking past we just felt like... TALK TO THAT MAN! So we did. We stopped and shared the message with him and during the lesson this is what he told us..."Just the other day i was telling my wife that we need a new church, the one we were attending was not the right one." she replied with "Wait small" and then two days later.. BOOM!!! There we were! It was so sweet! He told us that if we hadn't come  greeted him and told him about the message he was going to stop us and ask us what we are always doing walking past him... I got to baptize him and it was probably the sweetest thing ever.... after i pulled him out of the water he shook my hand and just clenched his fists in front of him just kinda with that "YES! FINALLY!" look on his face. After the service was all done he walked up to me, shook my hand, hugged me super tight, and told me that he will attend this church and his family will attend with him til the day that he dies.... i could see the light in his eyes! His spirit and joy of the gospel is so contagious! It is impossible to not feel the spirit when you are around this man.... 
I just want to finish up this email by saying to anyone who is considering not going on a mission... if i never had gone on mission i would never have met such a great man and he may not have been baptized.. you never know what could have happened but that joy that i saw in his eyes after his baptism is the reason that i don't want to go home... Its the reason i am here... just a white 18 year old boy walking the hills of Sierra Leone to be a mouth piece for the Lord to share the gospel through. And this is a message that will change lives and bring joy in such an amount that you will not be able to contain it, inside investigators as well as yourself. I can't stand to think about missing out on the experience and blessing of meeting and helping Paul to realize the amazing spirit that this church has. If you are thinking about not going.... go and thank me later! and with that i will have to say Malloway
- Elder Rogers

Goodbye in Krio

Me i geh fo go sum sai just now. I day go na me oose. Buh we go see back on, i feel say, nah next Monday. Tomorrow!

I will translate/explain. So as you can see its just super bad English and the trick isn't so much in speaking it its a lot more difficult to understand when its spoken to you. So pretty much what i said is "I need to go now. I'm going to my house. But i will see (email) you next Monday." the tomorrow at the end is something you just say... its kind of like goodbye but honestly its just something you say. If the person is somewhat educated then you don't say tomorrow cuz they actually understand... 

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