Tuesday, December 24, 2013


 So this week we had a ton of meetings with Christmas coming up. We also had 3 baptisms this week and they were so stressful but so sweet!!!! So
Grandma Ellis sent me a dear elder the night before i left for the MTC and i was there for 11 days so the dear elder came to my mission before i was there and before anyone knew who i was yet so they sent it to Liberia and i wasn't in that mission so they sent it to Johannesburg, South Africa.. guess what... i'm not serving there either. So finally it returned to the correct mission and i received it..... last week:) It was sweet tho! Thanks Grandma! And thank you to all who have sent me letters... and to all those who think they should send me one... it means you should so get on it!! You probably have one coming your way right now... so anyways as far as the call on Christmas goes... we're going to attempt to Skype.. ya that's right... Skype! So the schedule will go like this and you will have to sacrifice small but hey its okay cuz you all love me and would sacrifice your sleep and your Christmas for me right? Right. So we will be following this schedule... 
---- at 1:00 (6:00 your time) I will be on for skyping and that will last for as long as the internet is good and this also might not happen because of it being Christmas and the cafe's might not be open... so anyways you can still expect a call at 6:00 a.m. from me tho regardless because that's when i will tell you if we're gonna do it or not!
---- around 6:00 (11:00 your time) i will be calling and that will be our actual call call.. and the thing is president really wants us to talk with our families so Christmas is not a proselyting day and i can call you so that you guys can pay for it:) and i'll explain that when i get to talk with you and we can talk for .......... AS LONG AS WE WANT:) Which is way sweet! So i will be calling you guys and then i will tell you to call me back.... and also since i'm like 6000 miles away the phone conversations lag.. so if i just start talking and you start and i just keep going i'm sorry i'm not cutting you off i'm just trying to make sure that we make the most of the time that we have.... also i want you guys to write down any questions that you guys have that you want to ask me... one story i will tell you is about my spider story... it was a gigantic spider.... So tonight we have a dinner that the stake is putting on just for the missionaries so i'm way excited... well that's all for this week.... sorry its not full of stories and experiences.. love you all!!
- Elder Rogers

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