Monday, November 25, 2013


So as we're about to start our last lesson on saturday night the phone starts buzzing and i see that it is a call from the assistants and i figured since transfer news was imminent that i should answer it... and the call was for Elder Sumrak and this is how that phone call went... "Hello elder sumrak this is Elder Wooton. Did you get our dish soap yet?" Elder wooton has been asking elder sumrak to get soap for the assistants appartment for a few days... "No elder wooton i haven't had anytime to get you your dish soap" "Oh man that sucks cuz you are out of dish soap." "What are you talking about" "Your appartment is out of dish soap" "Man no its not i just bought some on Mondayyyyyyyyyyy............. man are you kidding me...." Elder Sumrak and i had been studying in the assistants apartment on thursday and we saw the list of stuff that they have to do all the time and i quote Elder Sumrak "Man i don't ever want to be one of them... that would suck" BAM he became an AP just like that.... and i was definitely just getting comfortable... really gonna miss him.. at least his area isn't far. He lives inside my area, attends the sacrament meeting before mine, and he's still in my district... But later that night i found out that i would be receiving Elder Gherkins as my new companion and he just came like an hour ago so i don't know a whole lot about him. He's also our knew District Leader so that means i'm still District Companion..... I hope that the companionship goes great but hey at least i made it through my first 6 weeks! 
Something awesome that i have started noticing is that studies become sweeter and sweeter every day. I really enjoy my study time. So this week it's gonna be pretty short but i want to issue a challenge to all those that read this email..... If you have scripture study as a family then "kushay kushayo" (good job) and if you don't then really.. get on it... some of the sweetest times i've ever had is family scripture study. But the challenge is that i want you to pray before you start and after... the prayer before is crucial because that prayer will invite the spirit and it will open everyones hearts to the promptings of the spirit... It should never be study.. it should be PRAYERFUL study and those prayers before and after are super awesome and necessary if you want to have an effective study so this week i want everyone to try it and see how your week goes... do it as a family, if you have a family and do it prayerfully.... it has drastically changed my testimony. And yes i will be checking up on this next week when i email but until then......... "Malloway" 
-Elder Rogers

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