Monday, November 11, 2013

Stressful week..‏

Well Chad was right when he said that skipping the sacrament makes for a long week... Last sunday we finally got the dvd with the october conference on it! However Elder Sumrak and i had 3 investigators that got baptized this last saturday and we went to get them interviewed thus ending up in us not being able to watch the conference... anyways when you don't take the sacrament it really does make for a very long week... this week went by in slow motion... it has been very stressful. Anyways we did have some baptisms on Saturday! 2... which i am confused by.. here in africa things are very different.. a man his wife and his son were getting baptized and the man and wife showed up and we asked were their son was and they said he was coming.... we got a call 4 hours later from some elders and they said there was a small boy here at the chapel looking for us..... the whole thing was just like "are you kidding me?" but that's okay he'll be baptized this saturday. So i got to give the wife, her name is Adama Sesay, the Holy Ghost on sunday at church! It was super sweet! After the service i was finishing up her paper work and it hit me that my name is going to be on her record for the rest of her life.... that felt pretty good! Anyways we have 6 investigators being baptized this coming saturday. One is that boy then the other five are a part member family and they are sooo sweet!! The mother is being baptized and all of her children! They are all super cool and they definitely spoil us when we come over.. they always cook for us and we always have chicken feet to eat and crab and chicken and cow skin and some meat that i don't even know what it is but its delicious! Could be dog or cat... either way its good. This week i went on exchange twice. Once wednesday and once friday. Being the District companion is sweet because you are always getting to go on exchange and see the areas!

So miracle for this week was actually on exchange... So friday i went to the new england area of the mission which is the huge mountain next to my area and ya that is probably the worst area.... as far as climbing goes.. its a full on steep climb THE. WHOLE. TIME. and man was it tough but rewarding at the end of the day! So anyways i'm on exchange with Elder Kollie, an elder from Liberia and man can this guy cook some sweet chop (food), anyways we are coming down for the day and we are just talking to a few people here and there and telling them what we are and sharing the message. Anyways we were completely out of tracks( mini pamphlets that explain small about the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, word of wisdom, and the law of chastity which is always a fun one to teach) usually we just use the restoration ones but we were out half way thru the day so we used all the other ones we have.... anyways all we have left is a book of mormon to give out and 9 out of 10 times you never give that out as a first confrontation.. especially when 65% of the population is muslim... so we're walking down the mountain and i see this man and he is dressed up pretty nice, has glasses, and is walking with a very nice shoulder bag... you always talk to them! So we walk up and introduce ourselves and find out his name is Harry Conteh and he is a pharmacist and a lecturer at a college in Freetown and when he was young he lived in a compound(a bunch of small shacks made out of whatever surrounded by a half built cement wall) that was owned by a member of our church and he would always read the book of mormon... since he moved out and his parents were muslim that's what he became. And then we came along and wow was he prepared for us! We were out of tracks! What a coincidence? Uhhh no! Anyways Elder Kollie and Elder Bogh were teaching him the next day and him and his family are being baptized on the 7th of december..... That was the highlight of my week! The funny thing was... he could speak perfect english and i was speaking to him in Krio... and i had to focus on every single word i said before it came out of my mouth so that it would come out in english instead of krio(2 year old english). But even now there are some sentences that i can't remember how to say in a proper english format. It's sweet!

Now for the sad part of my week.... So we were walking up to an investigator and we saw him walking with this little girl and she has her knee wrapped up in this cloth and he is holding her hand and having her walk with him... as we approach we see that she is one of the most adorable 2 year olds that i have ever seen in my life and she has tears rolling down her face... he was having her walk with him to try and strengthen her knee.. her knee(when he unwrapped it later) was twice the size it should have been and was pussing out of these open wounds in her knee... she also had the chicken pox... This was our investigators daughter.. her name is Maria and she was trying to be tough but you could definitely tell she was in a lot of pain... well we gave her a blessing and i wish i could say that she got up and was fine and could run and walk like a normal little 2 year old but that was apparently not our Father in Heaven's will.. but hopefully by the time we go back this week she's alright! Just keep her in your prayers!

Also sorry for not sending any written mail.. its super busy and we have to go to the mission office to send it and that's really out of our way so sorry... but Chad i really can't tell you my address or the address of the mission office because i have no idea what it is. So anyways today was super p day which means the whole zone does something together and we went to Lumley Beach which is freaking sweet! It's super beautiful and sorry i still can't send pictures but wow you should see how sunburnt i am! Also i weighed myself this week and i have lost 8 pounds.... 

So that's all for now! I love you all!

-Elder Rogers

(part of an email to a friend)
So anyways i have one quick thing for you and it goes with your story of the hair in the drain... so this week i was taking a shower and the drain was clogged so i stuck my hand in the hole and i pulled out something and it was alive and living in a pile of stuff and honestly i would tell you if i recognized what it was or anything else i pulled out of the drain... also the cockroaches here.... are huge and they love to hang out around our water barrels in the back part of our home... its super freaky when you are getting water out of the barrels for your shower and you hear this pitter patter and you feel these things crawling over your toes...... its sweet... also they have the ability to fly... no.bueno. But its sweet and the spiders here aren't so bad... there are at least 20 in each room but the just look like pimped out daddy long legs and they are way fast but those aren't the ones you want to worry about... the ones that are freaky are these ones that are jet black, their body is the size of a pumpkin seed and they walk almost flat on their stomachs.. oh ya they're pretty big and super fast.... so fast that they can catch the cockroaches and munch on em...... they also posses the power to jump... about a foot.... but hey its Africa what doesn't posses the power to jump?;) So the pimp daddy long legs aren't so bad especially if you name them.... nephi and lehi are my boyz that chill around the toilet and the gadianton robbers hang out around our food... there are like 25 or so of them. And then there's Bob, Joe, Steve, and Jason... they like to chill right above my mosquito net so i stare at them until i fall asleep.... just to make sure they don't move because they're pretty large... but the other night Bob was trying to cuddle with me and he tickled my neck and woke me up and i squashed him.... So now its just Joe, Steve and Jason hahaha. Anyways life here is way awesome and super sweet!

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