Monday, November 18, 2013

"Most impressive"‏

SOOOOOOOOOOOo this week went by way fast! It was a ton better than last week ill tell you that! I truly think that being able to take the sacrament this week had a ton to do with it! That really is one of the most simple but essential things in this life.... i never really realized that until i came out here! Anyways so this week i took over the area for the first time while Elder Sumrak went on exchange to the New England area(which sucks physically). So that was way interesting and it was super fun! So we also had zone conference and that was super awesome! We heard Pres and Sis Ostler speak then the assistants did and then the zone leaders did and after that we had lunch which was chicken and rice and yes i ate it all... bones actually taste better everytime you eat them! So after zone conference we didn't know what to do because in this mission we can only proselite til 6 pm because we're on mountains and its midnight dark by 6:30. So we really could have just gone home but we decided to go finding just around the corner.... and wow we were blessed... we tracted into a family... sorry two families but they live at the same house they are both very interested and man there are like 8 people.... it was just such a sweet experience cuz you could really see the craftiness of the lord preparing these people... it was sweet. So anyways i finally got to Baptize someone! Two people actually! Augustine Simbo who is twelve years old and Andrew Simbo who is like 20... and he is 2 inches taller than me and has about 75 pounds on me... he is a big man... but man it was sweet!!! So now i have a total of 7 baptisms and its only been a month! It makes hiking up the mountain everyday worth it! So i know last week i told you all about maria.. and yes she is still super adorable and yes i go see her everytime i pass her home. She still won't talk to me but now i can get her to shake my hand! Which is an improvement because the kids her age see two white men and they go running away screaming bloody murder like we are going to kill them... and yes Elder Sumrak and i enjoy chasing them sometimes and even picking them up..... it is the funniest thing.. even if its evil... but anyways maria's knee is now at least half the size it was and she still has the chicken pox but they are going away slowly. 

So this weeks miracle was that i was able to lift Andrew out of the water.... but i'd like to explain my subject line to end this email.... So it is not an uncommon thing to be sitting and teaching a lesson to a mother holding her child and she just whips it out and starts feeding the kid... awkward at first but it doesn't even phase me now.... and even Elder Hill(our zone leader) said to a woman when i went on exchange with her "i beg, feed the kid so he'll stop screaming" so its even encouraged sometimes... so we're walking up to our area and we see this woman holding her child riding a motorcycle taxi and as she passes we see that she is breast feeding... now this is a first... and Elder Sumrak and i just looked at each other and he says "Breast feeding while riding bike? In the words of Darth Vador 'Most impressive.'"...................... then we lost it and it took us like five minutes to stop laughing to the point of tears.... Well i hoped you all enjoyed!! With love from africa........

Elder Rogers

p.s. The missionaries have a saying out here and it goes like this. "If you're dying(referring to sickness) don't... cuz out here you actually might."

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