Monday, November 4, 2013

Why we don't teach white people....‏

So Friday night we are walking out of the mission office which is next to the chapel and we turn and i hear Elder Sumrak from next to me say "What in the White Chick is goin on!?" I laughed non stop as we walked down to this woman who was white and it is very rare to see one by the way! We introduce ourselves and find out that her name was F. and she was from England and she came here to work in an orphanage for three months... she said it was her dream to come here and that she had quit her job at a law firm that she has been working at for three years to come here.. (by the way we knew she was a little messed up in the head when she told us all that... SaLone is awesome but its not THAT awesome). So we proceed with asking her religious background. She was born in Saudi Arabia and she's an athiest (So now she has progressed to boku boku craze) anyways we told her to have a great time and went inside to the meeting we were late for. Turns out that the bishop was also late for this meeting and as we're waiting for him she walks in and sits down across the bishops office from us. She was waiting for her friend who was friends with our clerk so they were in there and so Elder Sumrak takes the opportunity to attempt to teach an Athiest...... So he proceeds to tell her about the book of mormon and bares his testimony and he pulls one out and right when she sees it she's like "oh no i brought about twenty books with me and i really can't take another" he replies .... "would you like 21?" hahahahahahahahahah then she says "no really if i take it i honestly won't even read it" and he says "its free..." we laughed for at least an hour that night when we were closing!! It was the funniest thing! We (Elder Sumrak) sounded so desperate and i was sitting there trying to not burst out laughing the whole time we (Elder Sumrak) were teaching and also why i didn't say anything is because honestly i was still shocked to see a white person.... So to every future missionary that is going out... that is how to effectively not teach someone... and for the record that is the first time someone hasn't accepted a book of mormon from elder sumrak and that night it was so much fun to laugh about!!

Anyways this week we taught 24 lessons and ya by the way my siblings still at home.. if you think fasting is tough just go outside and look at the mountains and imagine hiking up them while you're fasting... and then go pray for my strength;) It's not to bad and there are boku blessings from fasting! So this week we went to our awesome family! The simbo family! and they fed us twice! Fufu was not that awesome but the crab with it was delicious! But the second meal we had with them was called Tola which is just a sauch on rice and we had crab and i ate some chicken feet which actually are pretty freaking good! Its weird tho... how you eat them is you put there toes in your mouth bite down and pull them out of the socket and then chew everthing that came with it. Then because Elder Sumrak trained me well and im starting to lose my mind out here you proceed to eat all the skin tendons veins fat and bones.. and by the way (not meaning this in a gross way, im being serious) the marrow in the bones of chicken feet is super delicious! Food here is great!! Today i even had a Hamburger and it was one of the best i've ever had!!! 

So this week for my miracle is this......... time on mission is sweet and there is so much stuff that happens everyday that if you don't write it in your journal then you don't remember what happened on that day ever again... so this weeks miracle is that i am starting to want to be here more than back home... now home is great don't get me wrong but my mission has changed me more than anything ever could! And my testimony is still growing like crazy! Especially in the area of prayer.... prayer is my most favorite thing and i love doing it.. luckily out on mission you get the opportunity to pray about 15 times a day! Its sweet! And also every day i am out here i am just so glad that i was raised in the family that i was and i am so grateful for the peacefulness of the spirit in our home... and yes its weird but i guess i had to fly 6,000 miles away to find out what i wasn't noticing back home... but i am so grateful for all of you. Thank you so much mom and dad for raising me the way you did... i am boku boku gladdy for whatin una(you guys or you all) have done for me. I love you all so much!

love Elder Rogers

This weeks mendai word is actually a phrase Kloklomaiajavai (Clo-Clo-May-Uh-Jah-Vay) it means 'small drops of water make a mighty ocean'

Fun Fact:
Also something that i found this week was a street.... It's a one way road that is called 'Too Good Street' and that street leads to 'Pademba Road'. why is it Pademba Road? Because the Pademba prison is on that road. SO if you are too good for the Lord you are on a one way street to prison...spiritual or physical... or both. Just a fun fact for ya!

Elder Sumrak

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