Monday, October 28, 2013

Everything's good!‏

Well time really does fly when you're busy... but this week was a rough week. We only taught 22 lessons and only 9 of our investigators came to church on Sunday but next week should be better! So for our district we will baptize 23 people in November and if the other districts baptize even half that much, which is very possible, we will have dunked about 300 people! The work here is sweet! So the krio.... it really is just English but its how you word your sentences so if you were to ask "can i use the bathroom" you would say "i can use di washroom." So its pretty weird. but there is another language here called Menday which is spoken in Bo and it sounds nothing like English. "See you tomorrow" in Menday is "Mallo si na wai" and i'm way excited to learn that language cuz it sounds sweet!! So as far as food goes this week i had Cassava Leaf stew. and cassava leaf is a very common thing here and in Ghana its what they feed to the goats... so its a poor mans food. It grows and you pick it and mash it and when you mash it it smells like fresh cut grass. It also tastes like how a cow smells and they put cow skin in it.... And its freaking DELICIOUS! They put it on rice and they load it with pepe which is that super hot pepper. Also i had binge salad this week and its lettuce ketchup rice beans mayo oil pepe a piece of beef and a fried chicken leg. That is probably my most favorite thing to eat here. And i know eat everything.. like the chicken leg.. veins meat tendons and yes even the bone... its actually not to bad! Today we went to a fast food place which is not like fast food there but we did eat something familiar... A HAMBURGER with fries onions egg and ketchup on it... it was so good! Tuesday, tomorrow, Elder Sumrak and i are going to one of our investigators homes to eat.. we're eating Fufu. Look it up. Here's how elder Sumrak explained it...a ball of rotting gari (smashed up cassava root) with a sauce on it. you don't chew it either.. you just swallow it and you don't use a spoon... yummy... 

So i'm only going to tell you about one amazing thing this week because of time. So Elder Sumrak and i are teaching this man and he asks us what the 'passion of Christ' is and we answered him but i really was thinking of how to better answer him... anyways mid way through the lesson it starts to rain super hard and the roads were very muddy when we finished so we walked in the mud up the mountain a half our... and that was a huge challenge! But we made it to the top to our next investigator.. her name is F. and her husband is a member and her and her 4 kids are being baptized on the 16 of November. So we show up with muddy shoes and the rain has stopped and she is outside washing her front steps.. so she sees our muddy shoes and she tells us to stand on her stairs so we do... she then proceeds to clean our shoes off... with her hands... i was now witnessing the 'passion of Christ' this woman here has almost nothing and she is down on her knees cleaning our shoes off.... WITH HER HANDS!!! This woman had unknowingly just acted EXACTLY how Christ did when he cleaned his apostles feet... the people here have nothing to give but they give everything... its nothing like in the U.S. The people here are so humble and most of them are very Christlike... most meaning all but the Muslim sheks and the taxi drivers.. but that's another story for another day!

I love you all so much! Hand written letters are freaking sweet by the way.. just in case you felt like sending me one or two... anyways love you all!

-Elder Rogers
Potato leaf soup.

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