Monday, October 14, 2013

He's sounding much better!

Braxton didn't have enough time to send an email this week, but we were able to chat with him on-line for a minute.  He sounds so much better.  These are a few of his emails.

"Im mostly good but i am very scared of going now.. and they moved the day from when we are going to the field... due to some civil unrest in sierra leone we are getting a 4 week extension in the MTC and if it does not calm down by then i will be re-assigned to a closer mission.. most likely the Ghana Kumasi mission."

"Just kidding:) no civil unrest but they did move my mtc date up some so now i will be in Sierra leone........ in about twenty four hours... and mom i am so terrified.. not homesick anymore.. just terrified.."

I asked him if the food was tasting better. . . 

"YES! i absolutly love breakfast! huge loafs of bread that took awhile to get used to but now i crave it ALL the time! and that MILO stuff. they give that to us for breakfast and i dip my bread in it which helps with the taste and it reminds me of when i used to sit next to you and eat that at home! haha a new trigger of sadness that i have found this week is singing tenor when i sing.. i sound like dad when i don't realize that it's my voice and i have to stop cuz it starts building up in my throat.. ill get over it. but for now i either sing base or a sing wayyyy off key because that's all the africans know how to do. I have been told many times by the sister missionaries that i have an amazing voice but if you heard what they hear all the time i'm sure that chewy [our dog] sounds pretty freaking amazing!"

He ended with. . .

"tell everyone to send tons of letters because id love to get some so bad!"

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