Thursday, October 10, 2013

MTC day number 9999999999999999999999.... or 6...‏

let me explain my subject line... time in the mtc goes very very very slow and it is very hard to stay positive. Every time i start bawling i just stop and think... ya know what?? If Annika could make it through her long extended stay in Provo then i can make it here. Well it is the hardest thing i have ever done in my life but all im working on right now is getting up and putting that tie on every day. Mom i'm sorry to say that i don't know where my talk is but i know it's saved on Annika's laptop and i think it's just right on the desktop. Also mom i am sorry to say that i wanna put pictures on hold.... this is very hard and anything that triggers sadness.. pictures.. i don't wanna get for awhile.. i still love you all.

So Conference would've been great if i had gotten to watch it. The reception that you get from 8,000 miles away isn't very good especially in Ghana where the power isn't even strong enough to keep the lights on for more than 3 hours in a row... This is quite the adventure no doubt. So we didn't watch conference and when they showed the overview of Salt Lake City right before it started i started crying for sure.... but we watched something else and it took my mind off of home.

So i am starting to become black. even in this short amount of time at the MTC. I have now started singing in a African accent when i'm not paying attention to my singing. Also the voice inside of my head when i read anything sounds like this... "Yea i know dat i am nuting; as to my strengt i am weak; derfore i will not boast of mysef, but i will boast of my God..." - Alma 26:12
It's kinda cool! But if you try to talk like that it sounds really stupid.

So much has happened that it's hard to remember it all to write to you guys but i am writing in my journal so i will have to write you guys a long letter and hit the highlights of everything happening here.

I honestly cannot wait to get out into the field so i can stop having so much time to think about home because i am finding that it is very hard to eat or function properly at all with family and home on my mind.

They pick up the mail and send it on friday's from Ghana so you guys will be getting a boat load of letters next week sometime and mom make jessica come over and see you so she can get her letter.

The MTC president said that i will be able to email either monday night (so around 10:00 to noon for you guys) or during the day tuesday. Please just get up around 6:00 mom and dad and be ready to check your emails because i want to talk to you guys sooooo bad...

Well just be ready for some letters next week and please keep me in mind when praying... I'm reaaaalllllyyy needing them.

I love you all so much!!

-Elder Rogas

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